Emotes in arena


I feel like there should be emotes in arena, maybe you get 4-5 basic ones, (good job, thanks, so close!…etc) then you get the option to purchase more with in game cash and coins and real world money but for each there are different options. Maybe like a super graffiti “OWNED” with glitter or something pops up for real world money buyers and the emotes get more subtle the further down you go. Even incorporate Smiley’s maybe, it doesn’t have to be as trashy as a graffiti “OWNED” with glitter but after a great move or lucky save i feel like congratulations/gloating might be in order. I would put a limit on it though, like one Emote per move, to avoid spamming.


I like that idea Darkfoxx. But definitely one emote per move as the last thing a new player to the game needs is to battle someone and emotes flashing in the corner of his eye or bottom of screen. Someway to communicate to make this game more social is needed. For example i just battled a guy who had 25 health left and i had 39 it was a close game, he stunned me and then took me out. I instinctively looked for a ‘wow’ or a ‘great game’ emote or button. Thanks for posting Darkfoxx.