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Please allow us to use emotes as soon as battles over when we win - I’ve had a few folks who compliment me and I look like a jerk cause I cant reply until the winning animation plays. When you lose you can react right away.

You are able to use them before and after battles. They will not work if your opponent clicks over.

Perhaps I need to make a video to illustrate what I’m saying…

They are disabled between turns and shortly after battles while the animation plays. It takes longer to play the win animation than the loss one.

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Hmm that is strange because I have not had the same issue as you.

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I’ll record it.

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Ok, look how long it takes for the ellipses to show up after a win (bottom left)

Now look after a loss (I hit the wrong part of the screen but you get the idea)

When you win a battle you can use the emote,but if you lose you can’t?:thinking::thinking:

Or when there is an animation you can not use emote?

the emotes are available before move selection. when both parties have chosen/ or the timer runs out, you cannot choose an emote during the actual battle animation phase. They also do not appear during the win animation (probably due to it being part of the battle animation itself) so you have to wait until the next screen to use one. However the looser of the battle, as they are not in the middle of a “battle animation” can use the emote sooner than the winner.

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Now I’m even more glad I never bothered with the emote feature. I disabled it before my first battle on the new update. I’m too busy concentrating on battling to worry about yet another potential bug.

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it’s not that bad, but i feel like there isn’t anything i’d normally say other than well played. i’d like there to be similar options to “oooof” or “dang” as they are closer to normal reactions (at least for me.) However, i do like the Thanks option.