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Emphasis on PVP is a mistake

The battle system is great, the adventures are cool, and I like the events too even though they’re slowly given.

But massively limiting all those things leaving us only with PVP is a mistake.

I don’t even mind PVP but it should not be the main mode.

I want to play your game. The game rewards waiting more than actually playing at this point. Because waiting nets me a shop chest and a PvP chest.

This fundamentally does not work in the long term and will kill your game. Because if people mainly benefit from waiting instead of playing they’ll eventually give up entirely and quit.

Reward gameplay. Let people grind. Even if it’s for small amounts of items and gold.


I agree!!!


Especially when the game is so pay to win like it is right now, yeah PvP focus of any kind is a horrendous move.

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True. I agree with this :wink:

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