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Empty map is back

As title of my thread says, empty map bug is back for me.

I live in France, I switched my iPhone 7 in English 10 days ago when I had this problem and game worked perfect since this day. My phone still in English.

But since last Sunday, bug is back. Not every time, but more and more frequently.

So am I the only one to have this problem back ? Is there a solution for that?

Same here (Netherlands) have to force-close and re-open several times before it pops back up.

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No end to this problems!

After 1 year!


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My map was empty half the time today on the way to work, about 20 mile drive. Living in NY. Also, most of the specials only gave darts and had no dinos.


Hey Dracofeu, could you try switching your device’s language to a different one and then switching it back to English and see if that helps?

I tried it a few hours ago.

I put my phone in French, started game and left it. Put it back in English and restarted the game.

It didn’t solve anything.

The game can works perfectly then suddenly all disapear on the map, then suddenly everything comes back, with an irregular frequency.

I removed the game and reinstall it right now to see if it solves something.

I’m having this issue on an iPhone 7 in the US too. It started last night on my way home. I have restarted my phone and restarted the app several times and nothing works.

I was able to see supply drops and dinos at work today, but when I got home, nothing. A whole swath of the map is empty. Looking in one direction, I do see some off in the distance, so it is like there is some sort of server side glitch.

I have had this issue for nearly 2 weeks now. It does it al the time. I have had no dinos on my map for 5 hours tonight. I have done battles which sometimes works, I have forced reset aswell and my game is set to Englise as I am from England. As a VIP paying customer I think I should be refunded.

As I test, I opened the game on my wife’s phone and things show up for her. We have the same model of phone and we are on the same wifi and yet, I have nothing.

I’ve now tried a hard reset on my phone and changing the language in iOS and still nothing. I have tried doing battles also.

I had this issue about 8 hours ago. Nothing helped. When I got home I was able to delete JWA. Shut down my phone and after turning it back on I reinstalled JWA. The map was back up. Don’t know if this always works for others but perhaps worth to try. This needs to be fixed because it is just too crazy the amount of tasks you need to do to try and get JWA to work.

Deleting and re-installing worked. Thanks for the suggestion.