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Empty map, no drops, no dino. IPhone 6s

I unistall game, the game load ok , google map ok, but no dinos And no loca . iPhone 6s


Is your game linked to facebook?

I think you are in the wrong forum, this is Jurassic World : The Game, not Alive.

I think you are in the wrong forum, Sion.

Anyway, the temporary solution to this problem is to change your device setting to English and then restart the app. Try it!

Hey JaelChile, as Tielenaar had suggested, could you try changing your device’s language setting to English and see if that fixes your map?

The post was originally in the other forum(The Game not Alive), looks like one of the monitors moved it to the correct forum luckily.

Ahh, that explains it :slight_smile: Thought you were crazy hehe

I have the same issue on iPhone 6s for 3 days … tried everything from reinstalling and my phone is in english…