Empty supply drops

OK, today I managed to get all the scents, sanctuary items, cash and coins from both the blue and green supply drops.

However, now many of the supply drops don’t even give me darts. I tried 3 (2 blue and 1 green) within my 200m radius and got nothing. Then others gave me some darts and one or 2 other drops give nothing.

Is this normal? I would have thot that every supply drop should give a minimum of 3 darts.

You get 2 or 3 types of item per drop (not sure what the exact number is); now they have added in the sanctuary interactions (which max out very quickly) it increases the chance of you getting 2 or 3 that are already maxed which means an empty drop.

But darts cannot be maxed.

Agreed but if your combos are, for example:

Drop 1 : Darts Coins Toys
Drop 2 : Coins Cash Feed
Drop 3 : Cash Feed Toys
Drop 4 : Darts Cash
Drop 5 : Scent Coins Toys

And you have maxed all except darts then 3 of those 5 drops will be empty; it was rare before Feed and Toys but you could get a Cash & Coins drop still. Happens a lot more now and earlier in the day as Toys, Feed and Scent quickly max.

This was a huge issue when 1.8 dropped. The users who regularly max out and continue playing were getting many, many empty drops. To the point where we would run out of darts trying to fulfill Alliance Missions Exploration tasks.

Two weeks ago, Ludia adjusted the drops rates and we now get fewer empty spins. They also upped the amount of darts received, for VIP anyway, I do not know about non-VIP users. The max dart drop is now 50 instead of 44.

So, there are still some empty spins but if you keep playing, you are able to keep filled on darts. For me, the change two weeks ago has made running out of darts a non-issue. I can always spin enough now.

Didn’t realise this - did they announce it or just “made it so”?

Just made it so, no announcement.

That’s a surprise … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It sure was! And it happened pretty rapidly. There was a thread on it and within a few weeks, it was corrected.

This is one of the things that makes me despair of Ludia; they make a minor change to the benefit of the game, yet keep quiet about it - they should be shouting it from the rooftops (or are they just waiting to make sure they haven’t made things worse :rofl:).