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Empty treasure chest

Did anyone else get an empty treasure chest?

I got 1000 coins.

I still think it’s amazing that the chests have 25000 max limit but you only get 1 chest a day @E.D


I got 1000 coins as well… I guess I am ahead of the curve seeing that last weekend it took me 2 days to get this many coins :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


2500 … :woman_shrugging:t3:


These new treasure chases are a joke!

1 a day. What is that? It’s never been 1 a day. Prior to covid you could collect until you reached 25000 or at least collect 4 a day to reach the goal as well.

Might as well give us the incubator back. Ludia keeps takin from the free players. Towers are hit and miss on the coins now. Was always 15,000 now sometimes I get 11,xxx. The treasure chases are trash when they were excellent. We had rotating incubators instead then went to the weakest one then now we have 1 chest a day with less coins than the incubators.

What’s really going on?


I got 1000. free stuff is free stuff. but, what even is the point, it seems like nothing gained out of it compared to even the rare incs…
Can’t really call that a “chase” if you only can get 1 chest instead of up to 50 TO chase


Well after last week I thought it would be better this week. How wrong was I? I got exactly the same as last week 500 coins.

So it went from an occasional premium incubator, to an epic incubator, to a rare incubator to 500 coins.

I can’t wait to see what we get next!!


It’s the trial epic incs that give the 11.500… I don’t know if they have always been like that but I noticed it a few weeks ago.

Epic incubators from all other sources are 15000 coins.

Epic trial incubators are 11500.

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Yeah you can’t chase a treasure chest that doesn’t move around.

Basically they took everything from before and nerfed it to almost non-existent and completely ignored the fact it’s called a “chase” for a reason and there’s a 25k coin limit for a reason.

And I agree free stuff is free stuff, but this is pathetic considering they nerfed 90% of it.


On a lvl 11 you can get some sweet 334 coins…

If you were in a moving vehicle and only had time to spin a stop or click on this.

It’s better to spin atleast you have the chance for fips and hard cash.

That’s a horrible way to look at it lol. You bette ever your 1 box and then spin the drops the rest of the way home lol

Why box are all over the place? And I’ve never gotten more then 500 coins from one of them.

I’d rather max my stops then worry about the extra coins… I mean if you can do both by all means if I’m just able to hit one at particular moment I’ll just go with a stop.