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En lugar de nerfear criaturas mejoren otras//Instead of nerfing creatures upgrade others

En lugar de pedir nerfear criaturas pidan que mejoren otras criaturas que deberian tener ventaja por clase o que son counters naturales de esa criatura como el diorajasaur es counter natural del ceramagnus

Translated from Spanish

Instead of asking to nerf creatures, ask them to upgrade other creatures that should have an advantage by class or that are natural counters of that creature such as diorajasaur is a natural counter to ceramagnus.

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People ask for
absurd nerfs as for example there are people who ask for nerfs for hadros lux that can be defeated by other creatures or thoradolosaur that is even defeated by epic or rare creatures like mortem rex that can also be defeated by creatures that are of low rarity and only for that reason people would already be asking for nerfs for a creature that beats the mortem rex so I think it is better to improve creatures instead of nerfing them so that they can face them and I can beat creatures so that people do not ask for nerfies to the absurd

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