Enable AI for all arena and disable 30 second delay

I just want to earn some incubators without dealing with the toxic rat infested Thor one shotting fest.

Wasn’t able to get a single bot today, was at 4150 last night, currently at 3900 due to non stop rating and 135 speed Thors and Erlidom not dodging anything while a Procer soloed my entire team in one match because it dodged EVERYTHING even counter attacks.

Edit: Also I couldn’t nullify their evasive to stop the dodging because ONCE AGAIN RNG decided that I didn’t need my nullify DINOSAURS.


Then that brings up the problem most people will opt for playing against AI everytime because its easier to get any incubator, be it the daily or the arena incubs…

Let’s wait and see how matchmaking will be once 1.8 rolls out for the next season… maybe they’ll fix that up enough so we have a better battle experience! :slight_smile:

Should be soon if we go by their statement regarding the changes to seasons


The other problem is the AI isn’t the best battler so they might as well just give you the incubator making it all rather pointless …


AI difficulty could be controlled. So you could increase the opponents team. It’s true to say AI is way too easy.

Forcing players to do pvp is just wrong. Everyone is free. If you want to do something that requires another person they need to consent.

I kind of think if you are anti-PVP you shouldn’t be playing a PVP game … or accept that the PVP aspect of the game isn’t for you and therefore your experience will be restricted.


I have same yesterday was in the quick sand bug. 18 unwinable matches for 1 15 minute incubator.

5240 to 4700 something. XD fun

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I consider it a walking game. Also I enjoy playing AI. I’m certainly not anti pvp what you and another consenting adult do is no business of mine. Just not my thing.

So if others think that way might be worth Ludia catering to that market.

Last time it was asked on the forum most people said they just did PvP for the incubators. I don’t believe most players would agree its a PvP game.

It’s officially an adventure game.


The fact that incubators are an integral part of the game and most people do the PvP for that reason would imply it is a PvP game or at least that is an important aspect. I concur though that Ludia could widen the appeal of the game by making it less important - then again, they could widen the appeal of the game by fixing the damn thing.


Yeah, just looked that up myself - define “adventure” :rofl:

Same as Wiz Unite. Which has no PvP.

Surely there must be a middle ground between easy AI and ridiculous unfair opponents =/.

And there AI isn’t always easy either, ive lost to some before. Im not really looking for easy battles, im looking for ones that don’t abuse ratting swapping in and out over and over, and 145 speed Thors one shooting my team, stunning next Dino, then killing with next DSR.

Also with current matchmaking its impossible for me to progress unless I swap out all my higher dinosaurs and put lower ones, which to some extent I have done, but mainly for being able to use dinosaurs I like.
I mean I may as well lose with a fun Dino, then lose with something I hate like rat.

Also when you fight AI you don’t get trophies, so it won’t affect the leaderboard (and rightfully so).

The only difference with players having the option to battle AI right away is that we get FUN in this GAME, rather than aggravation.

Those who want more of a challenge and to progress up the leaderboard can continue to fight other players. Its win win!


Agree whole heartedly but think the solution is to fix the arena, matchmaking, leaderboard, etc etc rather than coming up with work arounds - I also acknowledge :pig2::pig2: may :airplane:


But those opting to play only AI (think of it as having a strike tower up all the time) would only be facing non-players, so them getting this DNA wouldn’t be affecting other players as they only fight AI anyway.

Also this isn’t a solely PvP game, its a hunting and collection game with a battle system as one of its features.


I can go either way.
I don’t really hate PVP, but I go through the motions as fast as possible so I can get along with hunting. I don’t see an incentive to PVP outside of tournaments once you are in Aviary.
When I AM in the mood for PVP, like say a tournament, I would prefer to fight a willing opponent.
One that wants to battle.
One that won’t throw the match the moment I whip out a Dracocera.
If AI were available right off the bat, people that don’t want to PVP are removed from the equation and we aren’t wasting each others time.
It’s in this games interest to appeal to all players.
Especially after 1.7


You make very good points!

Just look at how many players just give up and put down their device when their first Dino is killed by rat or something. Someone that easy to get frustrated clearly isn’t battling for fun, otherwise they would continue fighting and try make a comeback for the thrill of the fight.
However when they have probably just lost 10 straight and then get ratted…yeah lol


If you knew you’d fight AI. You’d have a very different team and the AI plays interesting creatures already. You could test new dinosaurs or risky play styles.

Id have more fun and save time.


That is also a good point! You could use FUN dinosaurs, even without being boosted up!

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Before boosts changing stats it was all about -

After boosts with Thor apparently faster than raptor its all about -

This game with the boosts now has really locked down being stuck with playing the same 8 creatures all the time, even more than before unless your a new player in an unboosted arena. There is no variety at all.

I play the same 8 dino’s all the time against pretty much the same generally 8 dino’s. It’s getting pointless. They’ve @Ludia_Developers have done NOTHING to encourage bringing up any new creatures. My wife got another unique but it’s totally useless with her other boosted team. It’s become the same thing over and over.

The idea that has been getting put out about a 12 dino team would shake things up and I think would help things out greatly. I sit chanting "bot… bot… bot " with each second count down and haven’t been getting any recently. I’ve gotten all the way down to 1 second and get a real ratted player OR it goes to the next count down screen.

They could at least give us one bot a day just for something different to fight for at least one somewhat easy to get incubator. Somehow that happens occasionally with my 2nd account down in arena 5. Even though I won the last battle the night before, my first battle in the morning happens to come up as a bot.

Maybe they could re-instate everyone getting a bot after 2 losses like the lower arenas. How about that @Ludia_Developers? This use to be how it was in the past at one point.


I dont see this as a problem at all, not in the least.

AI wont award trophies, just kills. There will always be more then enough people who care about their score and want to raise it or compete.

This is a non-issue. :slight_smile: