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Enable battling AI

Ludia should provide a ln option of directly battling the AI, not only when it’s unable to find an opponent. I’ve been trying to get a battle incubator for the whole day but couldn’t get even a single one as I kept losing and in the process have used up all the incubators and have none to incubate now. It’s frustrating that I’m not able to win at first place and also not able to get an incubator. Allow us to battle AI, may be upto 3 times per day, so that at least we could get incubators on these off days.


Yes,It should be done …
Battle AI actually have no use,waiting 30s is too long

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I feel like there should be an option after 5 losses, so you don’t spend a whole 90 minutes trying to get one incubator

5??3 is long enough
I would add,the option of 3 was already present in the past,why was it removed?

After 3 losses, the AI option should appear automatically. That way, it’s up to the player if they want to grab a quick win, or stay to fight for higher trophies.

I actually asked support for this last week. I don’t do PVP unless I need a DB incubator to finish the Daily checklist. It would be awesome to avoid the awful matchmaking and just play a computer without trophies on the line.

It would also be an awesome way to test out new dinos without the pressure of losing trophies.

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