Enable the 'keep screen awake' function of our devices

Can you please set the OS flag for our phones to keep the screen awake? Allow us to turn it off by enabling battery saver, but I’d much prefer my phone not go to sleep while JWA is open. PokemonGo and Ingress can keep the screen awake, so it can’t be that hard.


Isn’t that a setting that every phone comes with?

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Unfortunately, no. On Android phones I have to run an app called something like KeepAwake, but on my iPhone the best I can do is set the phone to not go to sleep after 5min of not touching it.

Both Ingress and PokemonGo can keep the screen awake on my iPhone, unless I enable battery saver mode. JW:A just keeps going to sleep and that’s frustrating at times as 5min isn’t very long when someone talks to you and you look away.

As you’ve probably noticed, if anything takes focus away from JW:A on an iPhone (aside from slide down notifications) the game has to reconnect to the servers which can take up to 45sec depending on 3/4G connectivity.

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This is what i have on android. I’ve never seen a phone that doesn’t have a setting like this. It just seems like a waste of time to have Ludia program something like that in the game when they have a list of issues that need immediate attention.

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Just saying, it’s not that hard; https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Screen-sleepTimeout.html

Ludia probably have it set to default, SystemSetting which is whatever the OS defaults to. NeverSleep is the one I’d like.

Most other mobile games I play do it…


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I like my phone to go dark quickly when I’m not using it.
I’d rather have the game that doesn’t require input for a minute or more to keep the screen alive, considering the game, unlike most, can’t handle the screen going dark. If you are battling and the screen goes dark you need to restart the app or it freaks out and does incredibly buggy things like perma pause, taking away moves, counting down and not allowing you to make a move while your opponent does… in short, many of the reported issues are related to the screen going dark and the game not being able to recover from it.

This would likely address a large percentage of their so called bugs.

I’m not about to set my phone to stay awake for 1 minute just because JWA can’t deal with dark recovery well.

I also don’t like having to remember to touch the screen every 20 seconds or the game will do strange things after.

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Everything is hard for Ludia. There are bugs that have been around for months that cost people matches and they haven’t even addressed them. I would much rather they fix those before working on something insignificant like a screen timeout. If you’e not touching your phone for a few minutes and the screen locks, you should just come back to the game when you’re ready to play. I could have my phone on the 2 minute setting and never have it timeout while I’m playing because I’m actually playing the game. I don’t know why anyone would just have the game sitting there open and not be touching it.

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I do this all the time at work… have the screen on and open and just periodically check for spawns. While I agree they have bigger bugs to worry about at this point I wonder if they even intend to fix some of them.

Its clear bug fixes arent their priority, but they do like adding new features to them game. So if there going to continue to add new stuff to the game without fixing broken stuff… id perfer this to be one of them.

What arena are you in?

I seem to have long wait times.

Also when the opponent is dropping arenas and I have to wait for the system to pick their creatures and moves.

I have my phone set to dark screen after 30 seconds, and the game goes dark all the time.

I’m not adjusting my phone’s entire settings to accommodate one glitchy app.

I’m willing to bet many of their complaints are related to the screen going dark, and the app can’t properly recover…but you seem to ignore this.

I’m in aviary, usually in the top 20 or 30. If a 30 second timeout causes so many problems, you’d think that’s an easy fix on your end instead of making them update the game to accomidate your laziness.

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You aren’t wrong.

I used to be in a forum that had issues with ads, the solution was to install an ad blocker, change your resolution and some other things.

They never realized new folks could come in and see the site was not optimized then leave never to return.

I went back there a few weeks ago, a once thriving community was down to one mod and a few vendors with the occasional newb strolling through.

I’m not at all shocked Ludia would use the same strategy of debugging: Fix it on your end.

I really don’t think the screen timing out is an issue with the game. It sounds like it’s a problem on your end. I can’t think of any reason to have your phone set to go dark after 30 seconds, especially if it causes you this many problems. When I don’t use my phone, I lock it. I don’t know how that’s a hard thing for other people to do instead of setting it to timeout so quickly and then complain about it like it’s something Ludia has done to you.

It’s definitely an issue with the game. I shouldn’t have to set my entire phone to never sleep just to appease one poorly coded app, and yet i do. Every other mobile game i play keeps you in the game and doesn’t lock the screen if you’re idle. It honestly is not too much to ask for Ludia to flip one little line of code so JWA is the same way. I’ve been wanting this since day 1.

You’re probably right.
Verizon Galaxy S7 is so yesterday.
Definitely not up to the task.

I’m sure everyone else can force the screen to dark and then recover issue free during a battle, with the exception of my phone, which either hangs or makes the attack buttons disappear.

This is the ONLY game I’ve experienced this issue with.

You’ve stated your piece. You aren’t providing any constructive content, just being argumentative.

I’m just saying that if it’s something this important that causes you problems, and you have the ability to prevent it easily, why not take 15 seconds to change your setting while you battle? Seems like a simple fix.

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