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End game alliance recruiting

If you’re looking for a fun, active alliance then look no further.
We try and keep rules to a minimum to keep the game fun whilst remaining competitive.

What we offer

:small_blue_diamond: Top 200 alliance
:small_blue_diamond: International so raid opportunities at all time
:small_blue_diamond: Dedicated discord channels for each raid with tried and tested strategies.
:small_blue_diamond: Raid strategies for lower players (including guaranteed Hadros and Cera wins using level 10 irri)
:small_blue_diamond: Tournament tier 8 (4wk) / tier 9 (5wk) (access to tier 9 rewards on 4wk tournaments via another alliance for players below Lv20 who need tier 9 to unlock the unique Dino)
:small_blue_diamond: Weekly rewards 9/10
:small_blue_diamond: Generous dna donations
:small_blue_diamond: 2 x Lv20 sanctuary’s

What we ask from our alliance members

:small_orange_diamond: Discord is mandatory
:small_orange_diamond: Do not place dinos in shared sanctuary’s- all other sanctuary’s are free for all to use
:small_orange_diamond: Must complete 10 tournament kills each week
:small_orange_diamond: Be active
:small_orange_diamond: Have fun

Are you still looking for an active member to join your alliance?

My discord is Draiig#3005 if I don’t reply on here.

We have a spot opened up.

Make that too spots!