End Game Player Event Ideas

Todays F4F event got me thinking again about the event structure of the game and how those events are really for early to mid game players. You fall into this early to mid game category even if you are level 99. I would say end game players start somewhere around those with parks that are highly evolved, can easily generate 100,000,000 of coins multiple times a day let’s say more than 4 times that seems good, and are dealing with lineups that are in the Indoraptor lvl 21+ range from a strength standpoint. I would prefer if folks that commented on this thread fall into this category but you don’t have to fall into end game to comment, however I believe those of us that have reached this level have a different perspective on the game and as such can offer different insights then those that are newer in the game. I also know I have made posts within other threads that would fall into this thread and so I am going to go hunt for them to house them here.

So with that let’s hear some of those ideas from folks on how to expand the end game territory of this game.

Ludia feel free to listen and even ask questions about these ideas from some of the players that have played this game for an immense amount of time


The game needs a feature to motivate players to improve the ferocity of their lineup beyond a certain level.
Who needs an Indoraptor at level 40 anywhere in the game, if he does not want to make most of the events unplayable (except for badges). I could have stopped working on my lineup a long time ago if it was only for being successful in events and tournaments. I’m still slowly improving my lineup just to test how far I can go.

Ludia should give end game players

  • events that are only available if the players average ferocity is beyond a certain threshold
  • higher rewards for events proportional to the ferocity of the opponents they have to face
  • not make events for players with a very powerful lineup so hard that it starts to get ridiculous
  • a complete new class of prehistoric animals that is only available for players with an according strong jurassic lineup, let’s say insects for example :wink:

True, currently within the game there is no need to build above a level 10 indoraptor in terms of completing all events, so no need for multi day cooldowns.

There needs to be specific events that are not possible to beat with any single day cooldown dinos and that provide far greater rewards.

Fight for extra funds where a minimum requirement of Ferocity to be around 18k per creature (or a requirement of using only level 40 tournament legendaries perhaps) for a total winning of 1k bucks. 1k bucks might sound alot but it’s not in the grand scheme of things when dinos in 3 or 4 day cooldowns cost so much to revive.

Ludia needs to do something as the past updates have been focused around early to mid level game players and other than for completionist satisfaction there is really no need to bring creatures out of their single day safe zones.