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End game players and unlocks

Most players of JWTG go through the following progression of mid to end game goals:

1)Hit park level 60 and CoT
2)Finishing in Dom
3)Hatching super hybrids
4)Hatch Indoraptor
5)Complete the game missions
6)Get one of every dino
7)Complete the Beacon
8)Unlock everything (excluding VIPs)
9)Teams of Inodraptors L20+
10)L40 of all Dinos
11)Filling all of the paddocks (Edit this one was added late.)

To get to #4 you’ll need to play for 6+ months.

I’m holding off on #4 to keep a balanced lineup.

With the news of this thread Metriorhynchus unlock that some common/rare/super rare/legendary dinos won’t get unlocks ever again, #8, something that takes a couple of years becomes impossible. At least the way other end game long time players have done it.

I wanted to be in this game for the long haul (years), but if I can only complete it 99% and not 100%, why would I want to put that kind of effort in?

I understand that the unlock pattern was adjust to increase game revenue potential, but now that I’m approaching 1 year of playing (10 months) and I have a glass ceiling.

Why should I continue past hatching Indoraptors?

The rest are cool I checked them all off items, but I can’t.

Once I get past #5 or #6 (likely in the next couple of months), I plan to hang up VIP. It won’t help me finish the game anymore. And I’ll just check in from time to time for new unlocks.

I strongly suggest that you add in the rest of the unlocks. Maybe make a Max park level event for them and drip them out 1 a week or 1 a month (Clash of the Tiny Terrors? And we vote on it?)

If you at least slowly let them out, those of us who want the unlocks, can get them. Those of us who will pay for them, will have already paid.

I doubt anything will happen in the time I cancel VIP and down shift to the slow lane, but other “post reshuffle” players like my self will check things off the list. And when they get to the 1year plus items and see the one glaring one they can’t do… they may ask why continue? Just like me.

I want to go all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Why are you telling me I can’t, just because I started playing too late?

Edit: my OCD of complete the game 100% want me to. But you changes the design so I can’t. I’ll do the few cool things I want to do and move on. :frowning: Others feel the same way. You’re messing with my 100% completion-ist OCD. It doesn’t like that.


#10 is fleeting… Every time you get close they drop another super hybrid or something… I stand as proof that it is possible without any cheating — I’m only 3 LVL 40 super hybrids away (Two of which are nearly at LVL 40)


That is part of keeping us playing for years, move the goal posts further back.

But, I have a road block at the 5 yard line that I can see from the 50 yard line. So, why should I bother even getting to the 5 yard line if I can’t make it to the (forever moving back) goal posts?

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It pains me to admit this as much as I’ve enjoyed this game, but I don’t know that I would have gotten as invested in the game as I have if I was playing under your rules, so to speak. That beginner game I did this Summer was very frustrating in that regard and would have just gotten more so had it been a long-term project. On the other hand, some people COULD look at at the lack of unlocks as a challenge to overcome.


When I played the game back in 2015 the early part of the game was very interesting, each battle stage was a new creature to unlock.

Since starting a new account and seeing the changes to this I really just couldn’t understand why, newer players are not gonna be hooked into the game as much because of this reason, I know they dont know any different from the original way we used to unlock creatures but I do remember early this year it got stale pretty quick winning dna instead of unlocking creatures.

IMHO this is the worst move that ludia has made, and I’ve seen great progress in the game but this… I’m confused beyond belief.

The battle stages were designed so that each level you unlocked a creature with more ferocity than the last, now we’ve got players missing creatures that are not really used late game so it’s a bit pointless having them locked really


While much of this is true, I’m addressing this from the: Why should I continue playing past 1 year?

I’ve done all of the major things. I can NOT hit 100%. So, what is the difference between 60% and 99% to me?


I play for more than 3 years I haven’t everything at level 40… and there are still many other creatures to unlock … but honestly I don’t care :rofl:

Not that you need my stamp of approval, but I think that’s a pretty good take on it.

And it’s probably easy for me to say this as a completionist with nearly everything maxed out— But my take on it is that while I can understand the frustration with regards to this subject— I just have difficultly empathizing with the notion of giving up because it seems too far away. This game’s always been all about time and patience.

And I do hope that Ludia changes things up to offer those creatures that are locked away to make them more accessible. I definitely agree that it’s right to voice concern about this— but hang in there fellow JWTG players, you’ll get there!! :smiley:


Also remember pokemon games? It was completely impossible to complete them 100 percent because
A. Not all pokemon were included in that version
B. The amount of xp to get 1 pokemon to level 100 would have taken months if not several years for a whole team

It didnt stop people playing though and it’s become one of the most popular and successful games out there

Not everyone looks to complete a game fully sometimes it’s just a nice escape :facepunch:


Sometimes I get so fixated on reaching some sort of goal that I forget to enjoy the journey.

Today, I was playing and I actually thought to myself…I’m having a dang good time!


this is a human problem … never satisfied…


What’s the point of requesting those unlocks :sob: many have tried to suggest events for the rest of the unlocks but our concerns haven’t been properly addressed yet :sweat:

Because we are just starting to approach the 1 year point of the reshuffle.

If players don’t feel the need to continue playing due to not being able to complete the unlocks 100%, Ludia needs to hear that. Or more and more players will start quitting over as they approach 1 year.

I have reasonable goals in this game and I’m about the complete all of them.

I have crazy 100% complete goals and I can only get 99%. If Ludia doesn’t want to make 100% possible, I’m ready to quit when my reasonable goals are met.

I want to give them a chance. I want to stay. I know others feel the same way.

I asked.

It is up the Ludia.


This would be a good plan if every new player started to ask for these unlocks. Our voices would then be heard.

Wait… We already did. They didn’t listen to us then, they probably won’t listen to us now.

Also, I’m not contradicting you but infact I fully agree with you. I’m just saying that with the information that has been given to us, it’s not worth it to get our hopes so high for something that’s likely impossible.

Again… Not contradicting, just highlighting. I too want those unlocks desperately.


I don’t think #8 is possible unless you’ve been playing since…2018?

And that is my point. They changed the game. And now one of the great achievements isn’t possible.


To be fair, it wasn’t possible to unlock all of the creatures for years, sarkastodon was a Cenozoic that had not been offered as an unlock for more than three years (it might have been longer), some of the Aquatic creatures only got unlocks once every 12-18 months and if you missed that window (typically one day) you would need to wait another 12-18 months for another go around. Now the question is were those creatures at one point planed to not have unlocks, and then something changed or were they always planed but just really far off.

This game ebbs and flows in terms of what is available. Just because something is not planed now, doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future. The one thing you have to be careful of when taking a break, when you come back you might realize the thing you were waiting for has come and gone and now won’t show up for months or years again.


I have a feeling that Ludia won’t take the proactive approach. They will be like: the moment we stop giving updates is the moment to catch up…


I was wondering what the current unlock rotation is … I haven’t really looked about it … So if anybody knows about the current rotation please let me know … and does anyone have an idea about when the rotation will change ( for reference I’m level 60)


Mew under the truck lol