End Level Dropping


People shouldn’t be able to take their high-level dinos and drop to low levels to annihilate the competition. Once you get to a certain level you shouldn’t be able to drop to a lower one. It would help with a lot of complaints on here.


Have you ever considered that some people have dropped down because a ton of the cheaters who didn’t get banned came back and starting destroying the people at the top? That causes them to fall causing the people they are now playing to fall and so on and so on. I really think a lot of what people are complaining about is simply because a whole new top was added to the pyramid and now everyone has to fall below where they were.


I’m sure there are some, just as I’m sure some people intentionally lose to drop down and dominate.


@Joshhodg I’m pretty sure he’s talking about end game players purposely going to really low level arenas.


I am new comer,my rank now drop in 27××, I ever open 30xx .my recent opponent has drop also.what happen with battle opponent??.every day I collect dna to improve my team.:thinking::thinking::persevere:


I am sure some people do that to grief people but I have never met someone who did that so I can’t imagine it’s very widespread


@Joshhodg I don’t think it’s really that wide spread either. But in my personal experience. I’ve met a couple. In my 3rd or 4th pvp match I remember going up against a level 17 T-Rex. Which I had no chance in beating.


Back before the 1.3 update there was actually a reason to drop arenas to collect irritator DNA. Ludia however has changed the way the incubators reward DNA in order to prevent that from happening so I would guess that it is even far more uncommon now.


Yeah. I believe it was a bit more common back then. Especially since T-Rex DNA was in the first arena. And most people want to get there hands on the I-Rex


I’m planning on dropping down again (I’ve done so already before) so I can play realistically with dinosaurs I don’t have on my main team and haven’t collected a lot of DNA for. Level 10 dinosaurs don’t last long in Sorna.

Your suggestion would prevent me from ever playing anything but my best highest-level dinosaurs, which stymies and stagnates my gameplay. No thanks.


Good point. I would probably enjoy playing with some other dinosaurs at some point and it’s not realistic to evolve them.


Suppose there was an option on matchmaking. You could match make on historical maximum medals. Or current medals.

I think if people want to drop levels you need to give your opponent a say. It’s not just your choice. Also you can’t have matchmaking that let’s you climb the tournament while avoiding better teams.


I’m currently dropping so I can build up on dna and coins. To stop that would prevent me from making my team stronger to better prepare for the higher arenas (Sorna Marshes and Arena 8). Dunno how far back I’ll drop, maybe just Nublar Jungle, but point being. There are people out there who will be unfair using their strongest in the lower arenas for easy victories, and those of us that try to be fair and control where we go and what we use. Plus, nowhere to go but down after a while anyway.


I ususlly vary between arena 6 and scraping into 7 as my team is not good enough to get higher, however I have had runs of bad matches and ended up in level 5 occasionally. I see no problem with people dropping deliberately, maybe they just want a break from every match being a really hard slog!


This thread title confused me at first! I couldn’t figure out what an End level was and why it was dropping!


@Rolybert yeah I guess the title is a bit confusing lol.


End Arena Level Dropping would be better and less confusing :joy:

But in reality my response was another brilliant dad joke! As soon as I opened it and read the first post I knew what it was about!

I got to be me!!


I don’t see what the issue is once you get to high arenas farming daily arena coins can take up to 4 hours not 30 min! It’s much quicker/less painfull to drop down and destroy a few newbs than battle hack teams with 2 indoms or 2 stegodeus or just plain extremely high level Dino’s. Blame the games design I haven’t had an opponent that’s not 300 to 400 trophies above me in weeks and am due a drop down to keep my interest in the game going


I didn’t intend to blame the players. There are definite flaws in the matchmaking.


a lot of the spoofers dropped really low so they weren’t on the leader boards so they could hopefully avoid detection.