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End of Exploration Indicators?

How would one know if exploration is about over? I’m on the board with the Bewilderbeast (74-78), and it ain’t my first rodeo. I’m curious if the repeatable quests still go away after the exploration “ends”, especially since I still have lots of dragons to level up.

There is a Wiki that has information about all the different regions in the game. And from the information you provided, I’m guessing you are at the end of Coldwind Wastes. So you have 3 more regions left to go, namely:

  1. Blistering Badlands: 89 levels (10 energy per fight)
  2. Barbaric Back-Country: 143 levels (11 energy per fight)
  3. Baneful Boglands: 221 levels (12 energy per fight)

So you don’t need to worry yet about the end of exploration as it will take you quite some time to get there.