End of game for free users?


Hey peeps.
After reading you everyday, I finally decided to join in to have your opinions on the future of JWA.
I’m a free user, and I spend a lot of time on this game. My progression is quite slow but I guess it’s fine, it’s my choice to be a free user and I enjoy the challenge.
I have concerns though, as my Dinos start to be quite expensive and my highest Dino is only at 14.
I’m afraid to reach a point soon where I’ll have to wait weeks and eventually months, collecting money from SD, to make just one dino evolve. Which would obviously not be fun or sustainable.
From other games experiences, do you think that free users will just have to pay or quit?
Any thoughts or tips?
Great day to all


Hello there! I’m an almost free player myself. The only thing I’ve purchased is VIP, and that was only less than a week ago. I managed to get to arena 7 before becoming VIP, I also managed to have a level 17 velociraptor, level 16 einiasuchus and level 15 stegoceratops before becoming VIP. Ever since that, all three of them have upgraded one level each in less than a week. As VIP I get a bit more coin than you but not too much so the difference isn’t that big. For now I think you can still progress. Everyone has that coin problem but it’s still manageable. Another advice is to try to get 500 free cash now and then to purchase 25000 coins for free when you need them. Good luck!


For me I think it is good for the game to have a threshold for free to play players - it is considered very fast for us to level up our dinos to level 15 in just 5 weeks of game play.
My experience of this kind of gaming is, set yourself a target. For example when I played Clash Royale I only stopped after I collected all the cards and reached the final arena (not waiting for the next update for new legendary cards to be out).
Currently in this game my target is to gather all non hybrid dinos till level 10 or 15.


I fight in a ton of battles, even when all of my incubator slots are full, since you earn coins for every battle that you win. I will also admit that I did buy a couple of “one time offers” while I leveled up from level 3-6 but now those are getting up there and I can’t justify spending the money. I would do VIP if I thought it was worth it but I feel like there should be more perks for VIP then what is currently offered.


At least you get hard cash on stops being free, cause once you do the mistake of pay for the VIP, besides the epic incubator, the rest is just a bunch of lies, that ‘thing’ that helps you to direct hit sometimes will stop, also u wont get hard cash from stop, ever so 10€ for 33% more dron and epic incubator? No thanks, I prefer spend that month checking stops and getting hard cash in order to buy the incubators.

Better play free slowly cause till Badlands u dont need a dream-team so u can farm anything under that arena.


I Think you should consider whut dinoes you want too use in the arena and only lvl those up keep colecting dna for the others we never know whut ludia migth pull out off the hat so dart everything you stumble acros but , consentrate your coins around the dinoes you currently use . Theres no need to lvl up feks gorgosaurus to 15 if you dont use it in the arena. Unless you want its epic hybrid and Also have enorf dna off kaprosuchus to make that lvl 15…But you will proberly stumble apon it in the Wild anyway so save the coins for something special :slight_smile: Also Stegoceratops is something to spend coins on its awsome :+1:t2::grin::+1:t2: Lvl up a lvl 15 dino gives alot of xp more xp meens more coins and more dna. I took the VIP and then cancel it … but after playing VIP i have to say its worth it . Double the coins of non VIP and alot more dna pr dino . I Can make a 248 on a stego with VIP, only 160 max170 with non VIP . I cost me a lvl on delta Yesterday not being VIP when i took the dna . My two other rare raptors are lvl 8 i Got 50 dna more on eacth catch becorse of the ekstra drone time, delta just 7 on non VIP ( it ran out just 30 min before the shift ) :thinking: so yes VIP will get you further faster and i Think its worth it. Its for my lvl 120.000 coins ekstra on 1 month thats alot of hard cash spend in the store .

Best of luck :four_leaf_clover:


If you need coins and don’t want to pay actual money for them, the best way is just to make sure you max out your coin gain every day by doing battles.

It’ll still take time, but it’s easier than wandering your neighborhood hitting supply drops since you can do it from your couch. Also, stay on top of your incubators. Remember what you’ve got cooking and check back on them regularly. Do the short ones during the day, do the long ones while you sleep.

I’m level 8, currently, and I’ve got a few dinos waiting to bump from 12 to 13. Each one is 4K coins. With a daily max of a little over 3K I can do about 2 every three days if I hit my maximums every day. And when I level up, my Maximum goes up too.

It’s slow going, but it’s still tolerable.