End of Missions

Hello together,

does anyone knows if there is an end to the missions? There is a great guide I could find here in the forum, but it ends at mission 55.8. ( Jurassic World: The Game Dinosaur Stats - Google Tabellen)

I have two problems: First I am very close to the end of this list and second I have only two “park extensions” left. Often park extension is part of a mission and I am worried, that I wont be able to make progress if I have none left for possible further missions.

Any experiances with this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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As far as I understand it, 55.8 is currently the last mission. Ostensibly they could make more.

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No problem. You can progress the mission even if you don’t have any park extensions. I’ve fully expanded my park at an early stage but I was able to make progress all missions.

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I am on 51.4 right now.

51.1 included “Unlock 1 Expansion on Isla Sorna” and it credited expansions that I had already done on Sorna. In other words I did not have to do any new expansion to get past this mission.

I suspect the same will happen when I reach 52.1

But even though 51.1 didn’t require a new expansion I am afraid of being locked out of missions. So, with an abundance of caution, and maybe a little paranoia, I will probably hold off on my Sorna expansions for in case I need them


I’m stuck on the “Make a level 31 Indominus” mission (really don’t know which number it is), as doing it would mess up my lineup. I know that there’s a mission about expansions not too far ahead, but I would really like to expand my park. Not really sure what to do atm.

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52.4 (indom 31) is where I plan to stop
As that would mess up my lineup. I will also stop expanding - but I have a lot of space. Maybe down the line I will feel differently and risk expansion.

you can complete the mission and sell your indom 31, so your lineup will be back to normal, i unlocked the indoraptor just so i can sell it for dna. kind of trade super dna for normal dna.


Yes, that’s what I did too. Then, the rest of the missions were a breeze. I think the last ever mission was to collect 250 SDNA. It had the island names mixed up, but it worked.

I will do that! Thanks.

I am at the mission which requires me to have a lvl 40 Indominus or a lvl 11 Indoraptor. Does anyone know if this mission will accept Indominus gen 2 at lvl 40.

I doubt it. I say this because for one of the “place an Indominus rex” missions I placed a Gen 2 and it didn’t count.

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Damn that is not good. Then ig I will stop with this mission for a while

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Does anyone know what mission number “the problem with ideology” is? I wanna know how close I am to the have a level 31 indominus mission

You are at 43.3

52.4 is the indo rex 31 one

I don’t know if they changed it or not, but if you get a level 21 IRex, it should satisfy the level 31 mission. Someone please post if they updated that.

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