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End of new missions

Hey y’all I’ve gotten to the end of the new missions!!

The new Episodes end at Episode 55, “Clear as Day.”

The longest of the final missions consisted of feeding 25 Amphibians and then then feeding 25 Cenozoics. The last mission was pretty easy- it was simply collecting 20,000,000 Coins from creatures on Isla Sorna.

Has anyone else completed this journey with me? Good luck to everyone else with these new missions!!


Working on it, but not there yet

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I’m embarrassingly far behind on the missions. I need to place an indominus and feed a Trex five times. And yet I’ve maxed out level 80, so I just kinda farm those missions for resources when I can. I’m a bit jealous.


That cenozoic hybrid would stop me for awhile, but yeah, the feeding one would as well… my cenozoics being the furthest behind of anything in my park.

I’m getting close to finishing the original ones, just ran into this one which appears a bit buggy. I’ve been purposely leaving lots of hatched dinos unfed specifically for missions like this, so was able to complete them even with the much higher requirement.


@DantheMan Were any of the rewards for the missions park expansions? I hit level 80 so I am all out of coin purchases park expansions for leveling my park but want to verify there aren’t any more coming through the missions before I pay DB to expand the new island.

If I were you I would wait for new levels which surely will come. Aren’t dino bucks too valuable for park expansions?

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Yeah there were a couple @Sionsith

Awesome thank you @DantheMan more reasons to grind through the missions, the level 21 Indricotherium mission has me stuck waiting on hatchery pods as I had used my level 40 for the hybrid and forgot to create another one. In due time though.

No problem.

I want to say there’s one park expansion for each new episode, so that would make for a total of 5 park expansions. That may or may not be the actual number, but there’s definitely a handful of park expansions in the new missions.


A lot of episodes !
I’m already max. Level 80 , but those story missions are cool, so I’ll try to complete all of them


@Sionsith- So those “free,” (coin) expansions from the new missions were nice and all, but they certainly didn’t cover nearly enough of Isla Sorna. FYI- I’ve already dumped a ton of DB’s into these expansions and I’ve still got a couple to go!


Does the new missions came along with new levels ?? Or it is THE END of the missions - Level 55.