End of random team selection

Having the game pick 4 of your 8 team at random is just not working out nice. It is resulting in so many losses simply due to the dum luck of getting the worst combos possible from the team. And having a round boil down to simple chance rather than planning is quite irritating.
For example, getting both of my flocking creatures a trystronix and a megalo is no match to someone’s level 18 rexy. Whereas if I had my level 20 level the person would be picked apart.

Having pvp outcomes boil down to the dum luck of the dum luck of the very start just isn’t appropriate to the mode

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Wow. And now after posting this the game just once again fed me the exact same scenario I just mentioned right down to the opponent rexy level.
Straight up unfair

No thanks, tourneys and arena already suck enough, I don’t really want to face ref/acev/rexy/teryx and friends every match


Better than constantly getting suck facing them without your own and loosing strictly because of it

Would it be any better though? There’s probably been plenty of matches that you won solely because you drew rexy while your opponent didn’t. The amount of matches you’ve lost to rexy now will only increase if you face it every match

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If the player could pick their team themselves, literally every aviary team would have Thor drawn, every shores battle would use the same 4 creatures, and there would be no point in having an 8 creature team. It’s basically powercreep without adding new dinos, as it would make half your team useless.


Having a set team that isn’t random would enable players to maintain viable counters to such things.

A level 18 Rexy can easily beat level 20 creatures.

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Is this any better than having only 4 creatures on your team

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Having 4 creatures consistently would decrease the diversity of creatures used in the arena even more. Additionally, drawing some of your weaker creatures promotes strategy and makes the victory sweeter when you win. Nobody is exempt from frustrations in the arena but I believe that the 8 member team is perfectly fine and is not comparable with the bigger issues of the game.


My issue is that I have too many things to run lol. I would love a separate battling system with a larger team just so I can run the things I want. However I understand this thread isn’t about that so I’ll hush now. :slight_smile:

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Being able to select which of the 8 for any round you go into is perfectly fine.

I’ll state it again.
PvP is a place for strategy and skill. NOT for a place to win or loose to crap luck of the draw. That bs can be saved for AI matches.

Bad enough they already basically stole $200 from me due to app crashing when I buy items, and then I never get my item, nor a reply from support for nearly 2 weeks now.

I would think strategy and skill would be more useful with a randomly generated team from your selected team rather than repeating the same line up over and over. In addition the selected 4 creatures guarantees the luck of the draw scenario for both sides of the battle. This would mean your opponent could easily still possess a counter that wipes most of your creatures regardless.


I have had times where I draw the worst possible combo of my team and know whatever I fight I’m going to lose against. That said it doesnt happen that often and I thought the randomness was a nice touch for this game. I would rather keep the randomness as it makes every fight different. Maybe add a 1 random dino mulligan so there is at least a chance to make the worst combo work out.


With a fixed team of 4 it would purely come down to what you open with and boosts.
If you look at the top arena players, they tend to have very similar teams, all level 30 dinos and all with 30 boosts applied.
Ultimately you end up with the scenario of dino speed being the deciding factor, as everyone would end up boosting the same dinos the same way. Then its a matter of how good is your interet connection, how fast can you hit a button and how close are you to the games servers which decides the outcome.

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