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End of season Bug

I entered the game and don’t have any option to “end season”. So i can’t collect any of my end of season rewards (for being in top 51-100 and the ranking reward for crystal 3 thats supposed to come alongside it).

I can’t collect rewards either, and yes I did restart

I don’t have end of season button too and I can’t collect rewards nor medals

I was able to collect mine… unfortunately, twice. So I’m down to 1/4th of my trophies - from 4708 or so to 1177. Yikes.

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BRynhilde, Same thing happened to me. It knocked me WAY down.

I have collected my rewards but had two season ends. My score has halfed twice.
Finishing is place 40 with 14599
Now I’m on 3606???
Also the leader board has changed from when I ended the season first. I was 40th, but looking at the board now I finished 37th.


I have had the same issue with my trophies being cut in half twice. Hopefully this can be fixed

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Я тоже не смог забрать свою награду :frowning:

I also ended season twice and lost my count. Hopefully this will be fixed soon

Translated from Russian

I also could not pick up my reward

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

The end of season button finally showed up for me a couple of moments ago and the rewards didn’t seem to be correct (or maybe i misunderstood the post about th arena changes), but as far as i’m aware anyone in the top 200 was supposed to get the Crystal 3 reward (rather than the reward for the tier they ended up in) yet i got the crystal 1 rewards instead (which was the tier i ended up in)

So with the new season not starting until Thursday, that’s two full days where we can’t complete any arena duties for chest keys? This added to the autocomplete not counting towards several of the battle conquest duties frankly sucks. Any chance we can get bonus energy to compensate?


It now says under maintenance, hopefully I get my trophies back, I went all the way down to woods 2 :flushed::sweat_smile:


Hey there everyone! Just to keep you all in the loop, there was an issue that occurred with the End of Season 17 and the Arena is now under maintenance. Our team is looking into the issue. The start of Season 18 that is currently still scheduled for Thursday May 21st at 12:00 PM E.T.
We will be in touch about the progression of the investigation of this issue and hope to have a solution soon!
Thanks for having reached out to us on this thread!


Same here.

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Well, that’s my question about the arena these 3 days. When will it be back? I really hope the maintainance will be done soon because it’s Thursday soon (I’m in Vietnam so tomorrow will be Friday) and I need to collect my rewards too.
Thank you.

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I see that it’s back, but I was forced to do yet another “End Season” (so, three times total) to get it “Find Opponent”… went down to 588 Trophies from over 4700. This will be a fun season.

@Ned, is there any answer from the team about why this has happened? Going down to about 12% of the trophies that I ended the last season with?


I’m sorry that happened, Brynhilde. Please reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can try to make this right for you.


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Hi Ned, thank you for your response. I did in fact contact them Tuesday, haven’t heard back since. So just a matter of patiently waiting, though since there’s a lot of people on the forums that are having this issue, I was wondering if there was more information.


Yeah, I’m afraid to hit end season for the 3rd time. The first 2 times managed to knock me down to Wood 3. Ending it again could know me down to nothing.