End the Ouranosaurus infestation NOW!


On my 40 minute train journey this morning I have encountered 5 Ouranosaurus. I usually encounter at least 2 per day; the only other epic Dino I really see is T-Rex. Can you reduce their ridiculous spawn rate so other epics appear? Getting a bit bored to be honest and could do with a sinoceratops :wink:


I don’t have any in my area. I think many of these spawn nests may be regional in focus.


I’ve never seen one in the wild, took me ages to even get one through battle incubators :sob:


Ouranosaurus is a great Epic class dino…
I just want much more DNA for her. But only see her twice in the last month.


Had around 10x Ourano last month, they are kinda common here.


Wish I had that luck, its a very good strategic choice, large health and 2 turns in which you can hit twice and change. But useless with low level…


Man, where I’m from I hardly ever see epics and you’re complaining about too much epics of a certain Dino :joy: I envy you, that’s not a bad problem to have :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m from Luton, I’ve maybe seen Ouranosaurus once in the wild 🤦


Ouranosaurus is the one Epic dino I will not change my route or go out for. If I come across it, I’ll take it, but I’m so unimpressed with it in battles that it’s become mostly a mild priority for me.


I wish I could share some of the spawns with you guys :wink:. I have it in my team at level 16. It is good I just have too much DNA. 2.5k DNA and don’t want to level it further. Commute into London every day if you want one lol :sweat_smile:


I do hardly see epics other than Ouranosaurus and Trex. Got a koolasuchus 2 weeks ago, other than that nothing. If you want an Ouranosaurus take the train into London once :wink:


Wow. That’s a pretty uneven balance of epic spawns there… Here, we see a pretty even balance so there’s never more than one of the same epic spawning in the same area spontaneously, unless it’s an event or something.


I have an Ourano for completion’s sake, I never will use her, as her abilities aren’t good enough for my JW United’s roster.

She’s strictly shoved to the back benches every time.


Yeah, the only Epics you see on the Leaderboard (Top 10 whatever) are Pyroraptor and Stegoceratops.

Ouranosaurus isn’t high priority, but I’ll still take them, if I can.


I know the pain