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End-turn actions

Imagine adding a completely new type of moves, called end-turn moves. At the end of each turn, a creature with these moves would perform an action like end-turn nullification, end-turn lockdown, end turn-heal or even end-turn strike. These moves wouldn’t work like counters, so they are performed even when the opposite creatures heals or swaps. End-turn actions aren’t performed only when a creature is stunned or killed


That’s definitely an interesting concept! It would be neat to see something like this in the game.

I like the idea. It could add a whole new level of strategy and play.

Could be interesting. An end turn regenerate of cleanse would be nice.

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So a genre of actions not priority or activate on damage, and can completely change how people normally play? Sign me up!

Thats a good idea and its interesting if ludia add it to game