Endgame arena fun is ruined by bots


I’m actually a level 12 (almost 13) player with a level 20ish lineup (most of them are strong/very strong hybrids, not even crappy ones), i play along 3800-3900ish trophies right now.
This game is really good and really fun, but at this point it’s starting to lose it.

I understand how it’s difficult to always find matching level players, I also understand how bots are somehow necessary to keep the arena games always aviable.

My problem is the level 30 super hybrids lineups i get against, TOTALLY RANDOM.
This being said, I also experience a massive % chance imbalance with those bot teams: against humans I can be a little bit lucky, or unlucky, but against bots I almost never crit, never dodge, never stun - and my enemy keeps nailing everything - too much to call it plain “luck”.
It looks like a forced loss, an impossible match.

Played like this it’s completely IMPOSSIBLE to win, even if you play really really good.
I must reckon AI is kind of bad at playing, but the HP/DMG and even % difference makes it seriously impossible, anyone could win that game by just facesmashing buttons.
It’s not a matter of skills, it’s like playing against a stupid opponent but in a 6 vs 4 match.

What’s the point in this?
A normal player would need MASSIVE amount of time + money to even reach level 25 with his dinos; it’s ok if you spawn these teams around 5k rating, but why just above 3.5k?
It’s just stupid.
I suggest Ludia fixing this mechanic balance, because it’s no fun: challenge is always good, but only if you actually stand at least a small chance.

Some good improvements could be:

  • a “surrender” button with a 30 min cooldown, when you lose a match but not arena rating.
    This would let me avoid those stupidly impossible games and wait for a real player.

  • a bot “logic”, so you can predict when a bot will arrive; let’s say after too many victories, too many losses, or just too many games, just make it predictable so you can stop and not get deranked.
    No problem with level 25 teams, this is just for the overpowered 30s.

  • if you really love those level 30 teams, at least keep them normal/rare until 4k.
    No super epic hybrids.
    It’s still gonna be harsh, but at least doable.

Is it just me?


I think somthing has changed this weekend I was 3900 now 3400 iv only won 2 games the whole weekend


When I leveled to 3,700 my bot opponent had “bouncer” in the name. If that doesn’t tell you their intentions, I don’t know what else would.


Lol that’s hilarious


I’m only at like 3,350 thanks to the bot infestation this weekend (I had been at 3,600 even yesterday) but I came across the bouncer bot too, it’s ridiculous.