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Endgame Concept: Custom Hybrids

Create your own Custom Hybrids from creatures you have “mastered” at level 30.
Custom Hybrids created will have base stats averaged of those of the two “parents” and abilities and resistances will be rolled randomly from the pool of those of the parents. Obvious restrictions here, like only one swap-in ability and one counter attack. Total number of ability “slots” is also randomly generated.
Custom hybrids are created at initial level of 23 and can be leveled by fusing DNA of its parents (typical DNA-per fuse based on parent class - 10 Unique/50 Legendary/200 Epic/2000 Common per fuse).
Custom Hybrids, once created, can be “rerolled” from same parents for reduced DNA cost to change abilities and resistances.
Each Custom Hybrid will take the general body form of one of the parents (Developer-friendly). It’s color scheme can be changed in the laboratory for uniqueness and differentiation.
Either allow for user-input custom names or choose from a pre-selection of creature names formed from combinations of the parents’ names.
At most 2 custom hybrids will be allowed
on any PVP team.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome!

it should be 50 uni,200 leg,500 epic,2000 rare, 5000 com,

I thought about this, but it would seem more punitive to require 50 unique DNA since the abilities are on-par with (at highest) the uniques they came from and stats are averaged from parents, no?

true butt that is how i would go but maybe. i don’t know.

Yes it would make since. But it woul dbe too overpowered, no custom hybrids. That is like fusing tryko and maxima. A 6,000 hp tryko with extra crit and armor along with two rampages and a counterattack along.

“Overpowered” is a relative term in this game. This is an end-game option to create more replay value for those who have already maxed dinos. Yes, there is the potential for powerful combinations (hence the PVP limit). I’d argue that the boost dynamic allows for more overpowered dinos than this dynamic. Plus it would just be fun customizing your own. What kind of limits would you suggest to make it more fair?

Yeah but not custom. I’mfine with their being ultimates or magnificent. It would be cool to have customs just make it just creatures and the moves are already there. Ludia can make all the combinations with hybrids.

The only people that would have that dino would be the people with both max & tryko at 30 with plenty of dna too spare.

Let’s make the best Goat to dominate the world

Honestly I would make a velociraptor go with lythronax

Lythraptor lvl 26
Hp: 3900
Atk: 1400
Spd: 131
Cunning strike
Group taunting shield impact (cool down 2)
Defence shattering rampage
Precise pounce
Swap in shields
Minor cunning counter attack (just does cunning strike but 0.25x damage)
Distraction 100%
DoT 100%
Stun 67%
Rend 25%
Swap prevention 75%
(Also would this be a unique or would it be another rarity maybe a common hybrid though idk)

2 years? That’s insane!