Endgame replayability suggestion

Hi. This game have a lot of potential, but is sorely lacking end-game content. I suggest adding an endless dungeon, where players compete against each other in how far we get within a certain timeframe, for example 24 hours. With a public ranking in-game, and some sort of rewards this would go a long way to add longevity to the game. This would basically give us a PvE competition. Right now, once you finish the campaign there is literaly nothing to do.

Check out Hawk: Freedom Squadron for an example of how they do it (Contest-mode and just recently Assault-mode).

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I would like almost anything to be added. I started playing during beta at the beginning of November. I pointed this out at the time that the game has very little replayability and once the adventure is finished (the other day for me) there is nothing to keep me coming back. I do a PVP every now and then, a free challenge or two, but my interest is waning quickly.