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EndGamers, Recruiting now!

Please message me if you would like to join :slight_smile:

Hello @Pandeh4228a! I am interested in joining your alliance. Is it just 10 kills every tourney or is there a specific amount? I am level 15 and have a few uniques. Also I have discord.

10 kills per tournament is the minimum we require per week. Whats your in game name and ill invite :slight_smile:

Here you go @Pandeh4228a . Thank you so much!

Awesome, ive sent an invite to the alliance, please dont add anything to sanctuaries until your on discord and read the rules, ill DM you a link to discord too :slight_smile:

Ok @Pandeh4228a thank you!

@Pandeh4228a I didn’t get the game invite. Can you invite me again please?