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Endless scent drops?


Shocked this is still not fixed and no statement has been posted by Ludia. Must be some programmer sprucing up his resume.


Limits are back.


Was fun while it lasted.


Isn’t it amazing how they can do a quick fix on something that has a negative effect on them but can’t fix the bugs that affect us negatively?


Sure fixed it alot faster then when pterosaurs were blocking the green supply drops.


And I didn’t even notice… -.-


Anyone actually get any epic scents? We have 3 accounts here. Spun close to 1000 supply drops on each. No epic scents. 1 rare on each and common was pretty much 2/2 all day.


Ludia you have shown that, if you want, you can quickly fix the bugs in the game. There are bugs that have been well known for months, but it clearly seems these are not your priority.
Your priority is to make money, I can understand, but think about how much money you are not making, turning unhappy and angry the same people you want money from. If you don’t fix the other bugs in place, people will spend less and less.
After all, how can I buy coins to level up my dinosaurs, if I can’t capture their DNA because they are trapped in the concrete’s Strike Towers?


We need to organise a lynch mob for the taddle tales lol! Oh well 100k in a day isn’t bad


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First of all I’d like to ask what is this thread’s original posters problem? Why report a bug like this?
And second, I agree with Sara and Patera! Come on Ludia, fix your game


Prob a spoof annoyed that legit players could gain lots of progress by playing legit, while it lasted that is


Might be. Still everyone was able to go out and collect coins and level dinos which was great. Those higher level dinos cost way too much to level.


If it benefits ludia to fix bugs they will do it…

If it benefits us Forget it…

After all if we all left there would be no game…