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Enemy always goes first no matter how fast I tap


Same class speed yada yada but I am spamming the attack button and enemy always goes first?


Maybe they are spamming fast too lol


I noticed that no matter what when I use my gorgosuchus against a tryostronix of the same level the tryo always goes first no matter what, and I know im pressing the button first because they sit there for a while before they attack. Vut if my gorgo is higher level then it goes first. I think they changed priority to rarity if the speed is the same but rarities are different(hihher rarity attacking first). And there are also priority moves such as instant charge and cloak that have different priorities, because no matter what the cloak/evasive stance will always go before an instant charge.
Hope this helps.


So from what you said, The priority will be like;

Skill type–>>Level–>>Rarity

Once, I had a fight with another I.rex with the same leve I.rex, trying to spamming Impact like crazy lol


The action is taken in the follwing order:

1: SIA
2: Priority Skill
(seems like defensive PS is faster than aggressive PS)
3: dino speed
4: dino level
5: dino rarity
6: finger spamming


It shouldn’t be finger spamming though, It should be 50/50 when it gets to that.


No that ruins the game.


Yes exactly.
Finger spamming is really bad, some devices are faster than others that’s not a fair thing (not counting that’s something breakable client side to always be the fastest…)