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Energy loading time

Hello I am Not Happy with the time it needs to get one Energy because in World two you need five Energy and you have to wait Like an half hour and more to get an other try for an hard Level so it makes No Fun to wait that Long and make no Progress in the Game for a week or Something If you dont pay with runes I Hope you can fix this because i really Like your Game and If i would have Energy i might have more fun at playing it


Agreed, other games add 1 energy every 5 minutes or so.
And also when you level up, other games fill up your energy to full, here i got 20 energy when leveling up, and i’m ata lv33, which i had 56 energy pool now. they compensate it with 15 energy given from hard chest, and also some duties gives 5 energy though.
Energy regeneration is the one needs some balancing, make it 5 minutes and all will be happy


I agree with you,i have another game in which you can get 1energy every 2 minutes.i hope they’ll take this into consideration and change it in the next update

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