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Energy of the clan

There are alpha dragons who are very strong,and sometimes doing 6th rounds is not enough to kill an alpha,so i believe the loading time of this energy should be reduced because 4 hours of waiting to get only ONE energy is frustrating,why not make it 2 hours or at least 3 hours,i believe it would be the best for everyone.


As always, thank you for your suggestion @itami!

This is something the team is looking into, lots of ideas were discussed to allow players to gain more energy to battle Alphas. Do you have ideas you would like to share?


First,thanks marcus for replying,and second,if the loading time of this energy can be reduced to 3 or 2 hours it would be better,but if that’s not possible,at least you can make it with a reasonable amount of runes,if someone used all his energy,and wants to do another round right away,he can spend a reasonable amount of runes not too expensive.these are my suggestions,and i prefer the first suggestion to be looked into,it will be the best.and i hope other players will propose their ideas too.again,thanks for replying and i hope these ideas will be taken into consideration.


I’ll share them with the development team. Thank you!


I thank you too ! Some other players will share their ideas too,they can be better than mine,thanks again.

Fixing the spirit bug and infinite load screens would also “increase” energy and damage as it wouldn’t be wasted


Just makes the game more pay to win


I think this is NOT a good idea at all. The fixed energy amount per battle is intrinsic to the strategic structure of clan alpha battle, and I think it would be terribly destabilizing to make it possible to game that esp if it were something that could be bought with runes/real money.

The whole point of the clan alphas as I see it is to challenge a team to work together to optimize their battle and get to the very top alphas they can defeat. There will be a ceiling that will stop any clan, which should motivate us to keep developing and working forward. Fixed energy amount per battle forces us to work together and work smart.

I definitely agree that a much more frustrating set of obstacles that needs to be addressed is all the bugginess with game lags, force quits, and bugged alphas.

The only tweak I might suggest is that some of the alpha abilities seem a little overpowered, or just extremely confusing to manage, in the tight game board and limited turns available in each alpha battle, even if the bugs are removed. For instance, Bewilderbeast can block almost the full board with Ice Wall, and the Shellfire ballistas are super confusing and launch a heck of a lot of damage at the higher levels.

Finally, I do think that in a global game it is silly and limiting to have a fixed start time that doesn’t stagger or move for alpha battles. It does make it a disproportionate and unfair challenge to our clan members who need to wake up or interrupt something in order to get their alpha attacks in on time and not waste energy. What seems to work in other games on this model is to have the start/end time shift by an hour each time, so that it rotates around. Please consider this!


Please don’t make it so clan energy can be bought. Recharged per 3 ours instead of 4 is cool, but that should be it. We should all have the same chance at battling an Alpha. Let the game be fair, or as fair as possible, at least on that aspect.

And well, as @Dot_Gale suggested, reduce immunities on Alphas, make their powers more reasonable. Especially the Bewilderbeast that somehow is bugged to be unbeatable, let alone its tendency to block the whole board with ice so our hits don’t get to it as much. Make it that instead of it firing at the top blocks, he can fire ice at random inside the matching board, as all other Alphas do.

And then, about the time differences issue… Uhh, perhaps add a plug-in to the clans that a member with a different time schedule can reserve 3 tries for the next day by default, once they make their different time schedule known to the clan’s database. Or make it so the clan leader can hand out such tickets once he/she knows that a member or more have a huge time difference to spawn time, before an Alpha event even starts. The clan won’t exactly be able to win the war unless the time for those reservations expires.


This is pointless as you want in reduce to 2hrs per energy. then you can get 12 energy a day. Some day you cant kill another Alpha and you will ask to reduce more ? You cant kill Alpha all the time (actually yes but you need to know the trick which I not gonna tell you) Because there is no Alpha’s star limit. I guarantee). Become stronger so you can kill it only in 6 energy. You want more prize and easier to get it … It look conflicted to me.
My English is not good :slight_smile:

One other thing that keeps coming up, as long as you are going to pass this exchange on to the dev team — would it be possible to get info on the attack/defense and ability stats for alphas? it’s extremely frustrating and makes it difficult to strategize properly when there is so little information on how these things operate and scale


Playing from Asia and Alpha start late night, is it possible some how the time to be fixed, most of the people in the clas have same issue, and they start playing next day when they wake up, and already big lose of damage to the alpha?

Perhaps my idea for reservations might help in regards to that. Or you should join a clan in your side of the world, to reduce the time difference.

Yes! We definitely need those stats. Good points.

Doesn’t metter what clan i will join, one way or another still alpha start very late…

You’ve tried getting to an Asian one and it didn’t help?

The alpha battle period is fixed no matter where you are in the world, 5PM UTC to 3PM UTC … you can’t shift it or get away from it

That is the problem. There’s no workaround

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Exactly what i’m trying to say, no metter European, American or Asian clan, just for Asia Alpha start at late midnight

First of all, I appreciate everyone who has already explained the sheer pointlessness of this thread, perhaps I should’ve ignored it since I’m late, but I’m vain, so let me add my 5 cents.

This system isn’t random. It is buggy, broken and basic, but it isn’t random. Everything is calculated. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again - the max health is based on a max players+performance+amount of tries. Every day you can spend 6-8 energy on an Alpha, assuming that you have 3 energy stored before it spawns, then you get 3 more over the next 12 hours, then you can get 2 more before the 2 hour delay, which almsot forces you to have at least one energy saved before next fight.

Current Alphas go to some… 3-3.5mil, but it is physically possible to do Alphas up to about 5mil. With 6 energy per person. If Alphas scaled above 5mil… yes, perhaps at that point even the best clans could ask for “ways” to acquire more energy, and that might indeed be monetized, because … why not? Clearly that’s the audience that WILL buy energy if they can, and if energy is the only thing that keeps them from progressing… devs might as well get some profit from it.
As far as I know - there is no clan that has hit that wall. Though some may be close. And clearly very few clans are doing anything above 3mil, so… For anyone below them - it’s not a question of energy, it’s a question of HR. Human Resources. Recruitment and management. And, of course, bugs, but… what would this game be without bugs?

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Hello Vikings,

Thank you for all your inputs! Our development team is really looking at this from different perspectives.

As for the all Alpha issues most of you pointed out, we’re fully aware and will definitely work on fixing them. We thank you for your patience!