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Energy packs ARE worth it!


You can buy 10,000 runes for $99.99

If you buy the $9.99 energy pack you get 850 runes and 200 energy.

You can buy 50 energy for 200 runes which means the 200 energy equates to 800 runes plus the 850 runes for a total of 1650

So in the end you get 10,000 runes for $99.99 or you get 16,500 in rune value for the energy pack.


But larger packs almost always have larger value.

Also 800 plus the 850 means 1650 runes when you translate the energy to rune value times that by 10 and you’re at 16500 vs 10000


Maybe I’m thinking about it wrong, but if you’re getting energy and runes at the same time, you don’t need to spend the runes on the energy.


I corrected it. Thanks Talisax

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I think you made a typo. Are NOT worth it. An even or two ago it was 50 energy for 100 runes. THAT was worth it.
But 100 or 200 energy that basically stops your passive regen until you rapidly blow it? Don’t make me laugh. Seriously, devs haven’t had a single worthwhile monetization effort in this game. Or at least I don’t remember it.
People begged them for improved breeding or “VIP” time, something other than bloody criminal casino to spend runes on - but no. Spend bucks for garbage and spend runes - for even less than that.


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