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Energy purchase


Hi, few days ago I purchased a copious runic energy pack. Yesterday I noticed that I have not recieve everyday free energy. So, is that mean that if I have still not played my everyday 51 enregy In fact I am buying not 200, but 150 energy for one day? If so, why you did not mentioned a word about that fact?


You don’t get free energy when it is over the max, like gold, eggs, fish don’t go over the max besides certain events

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That’s not truth. The fish and the coins are collecting in the fishery and Treasury, and become available, when there appeares enough place for them.


You… Are… So… Beautiful… :slight_smile:


Honestly, I wanted to break some community guidelines very hard. So I settled on the picture.

If you want a more obnoxious reply, here it goes:

  1. Fish and Coins, especially from buildings - have nothing to do with energy.

  2. If you are capped on any normal resource and receive a mission reward - it’s wasted. If you are capped and receive a fixed reward, like duty, chest or, in your case, a donation - it’s forced above the cap.

  3. It should be impossible to complete the tutorial without getting energy over the cap, because you spend like 5-10 energy for 2 levels and then you level up, getting 15 energy. This should make it obvious that energy can indeed go over the cap, but, if you think about what a CAP is… you know, a limit, and when you see that energy at the cap no longer regenerates - you’d figure that any forced energy over the cap would stop your normal energy from regenerating.

  4. I have no idea how the like these energy packs when they are basically 2-4x over the cap, but the point is that if you don’t use them all at once - you indeed are wasting energy. Devs used to have a 50 energy for 100 runes sale once, that was useful indeed, but this sheet - no way.

  5. As Junkrat says in Overwatch: “Oh, you really stepped in it, mate”.