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Enetelolania: the new disappointment

Boy oh boy 2.1 is here…and with it come things no one asked for, things we did ask for but were done completely wrong, and ludia just screwing us over. Oh and new dinos/ hybrids too there is also that. Well I’m here to talk about the newest uniques being added for 2.1…Entelolania.

In-game Stats: unknown.

Hypothetical stats based on description:

Health: 4,200-4,400 (based of Edaphosaurus who also has the higher-than-average Health description)

Attack: 1,100-1,300 (mostly what we seen from higher-than average attacks in the past)

Speed: 101-110 (mostly based on what low speed has meant in the past)

Armor: 40-60% ( mostly based on other high armored creature)

Resistances: 100% deceleration, 100% vulnerability


  • Persistent Ferocious strike
  • Group decelerating impact
  • Bellow
  • Greater Emergency Heal

Looking at this its…disappointing I have to say. For the long awaited hybrid to moth of all things this weird probably cancerous looking turtle is what we get? Seriously? Then it not only shares its mammoth D.N.A with Mammolania its way way better brother, but it also now shares its second ingredient, meiolania. yet you might be saying well what else could they have added to make it have high armor; oh i dont know almost any of the ankylosaurs or how about that brand new tank we got this patch Doedicurus that way it can actually be an alternative to the Mammolania line.

Over all the lack of a shattering move, MF, SV, devastation, on-escape heal, or good resistances (besides decel) just makes this thing really not worth investing or even fusing. It also makes the second if not worse turtle hybrid, yes i say its even worse than freaking carboceratops. It just seems so meh to bad for PvP heck it can’t even handle distractions and many have said it could be used for raids maybe but even there is really would help there are way better hybrids to use, plus it just doesn’t have the stats for it. In the end it seems like this thing will go down as probably one the worst uniques we have gotten, I honestly don’t know what’s with ludia and adding turtles to everything, hopefully it will get buffed in the future.

So what are your guys thought on the newest endgame creature coming in 2.1

  • It’s Op
  • It’s great
  • It’s good
  • It’s ok
  • It’s bad
  • It’s trash
  • Go back to the genetics lab

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Also forgot to mention my ranking of turtles and hybrids:

Best to worst

Mammolania, Testacornibus = Smilonemys, Carbonmeys, Meiolania, Carboceratops, Enetelolania


There’s literally no good reasons to use it at least Mammoth is not anymore exclusive but what a joke

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I think its up there with stygidaryx and 1.14 Monolorhino as one the worst uniques ever made

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At this point it’s just the new Majundaboa, this hybrid has a lot of potential but Ludia said nope


Nah even majugaboa has a point and can now do something and has good matchups against what it needs too. Yet this a tank that can be stopped by freaking cunning creatures and can’t counter almost anything

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Think about it it can’t really defeat most cunning cause it damage buffs get taken away and it cant cleanse distraction without going for GEH. It cant go up against fierce cause well duh. And it does so bad against other armored and shielding tanks. So what is its purpose?!

Entelemoth is better


Entelomoth looks op compared to this thing :joy:


Ok it’s definitely the worst unique in JWA history


It’s purpose is to be a new creature now… that’s it.

2-3 patches down the road it will get a significant buff and lania will get a similar nerf.

I don’t understand the concept of new uniques.

The logical thing would be that the most recent ones would be better than the previous ones to bring newness to the game, so that new players have more options and, something important, to force players to evolve new dinos and spend coins to benefit Ludia and That we meet

in 2.0 a single of the goat that is worse than its legendary and that in version 2.1 will continue to be worse

In 2.1 a spawn that will be possibly the worst unique ever created.

I do not get it. I have been playing since the spring of 2018, I want to continue hunting to get DNA to have new more powerful uniques but I have been waiting for almost a year to create one that surpasses the previous ones without achieving it, bad for everyone.

The worst thing is that now the new important dinos (the apex) will be achieved by fighting and not hunting, so it will make less and less sense to hunt, which gave meaning to this game.

Postscript: that said, the version has some interesting things like the news in the raids and a balancing that was necessary but not so beast. In fact it should be called 3.0. The worst thing for me is that the best unique have been nerfed but not the best legendary (monolometrodon and phurusaura will continue to be mindless bestian that now will be even more powerful).


Like even stygi could go up against tanks, rhino could bleed and distract and take on freaking tryko, thor, and indo G2. This is just pure trash


Stigydaryx : Allows me to introduce myself


I see this thing as a maybe support creature in raids. There are better options for sure tho.

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I just cant though it doesn’t have the attack to heal much, nor the output to really be useful in in 1v1 combat it just sucks hard

Stygi, thor, indo: allow us to introduce ourselves

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Plus so many booses have armor piercing/ shattering, and others have armor, shields, dodge, stun, distraction: none of which this hybrid can deal with

Thor? Some TOP users keep using it and in this version it will be even more useful. Maybe it is no longer a top5 but it is still a nightmare with 145 (or a little less) speed capable of charging your entire team if you have not had luck in its composition.

There will be no way to use this new unique garbage no matter how much boost you use.

Thor is straight up trash you can tell if you played the last R.E.L.U tournament not a single one. One with boosts is even close to good maybe op if you dont have counters; yet most do have ways faster cunning and other better fierce creatures once again making thor look bad