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Enjoy your T-Rexy weekend, everyone!

There is a ton of frustration here right now, so I thought why not leave a little reminder it’s Saturday.
Not just regarding Epic DNA, but in general. In the end of the day, it’s just a game. If JWA improves your day, by all means - play it. If it doesn’t, hopefully you will enjoy your weekend in some other way.
Peace out yo!

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No point in hunting right now… You can barely battle, so what’s the use of leveling your team? Sadly, the enjoyment has gone…


Also the darting is down by minimum of 50 DNA even with the 2.6/1.7 darting compromise.

Appreciate your attempt the lift the mood but I think the frustration is running too deep now. People are no-longer enjoying the game :cry:


There’s no point in hunting any more. Agreed. Stat boosts have put pay to that.

People don’t need to leave home anymore to level their creatures. They just pay and boom! Mid level players with 1 boosted 24 unique can take down a whole team of non-boosted L30s which have been achieved by a years’ grind… its gutting!!