Enjoyed that one month when Thor was gone

He bothers me. I hate his so called 40% crit rate, which is so inaccurate. Anyone who pays any attention will know it is more like 50/60%. I mean, Thyla is 40% and doesn’t crit nearly as often as Thor. Im just sick and tired of the stupid RNG crit game. I know, all you stat guys will be on me for that comment. Loved that one month when Thor wasn’t running overboosted and rampant in arenas. It was so refreshing


Honestly, the only reason Thor is rampant right now is because it’s the only pure fierce end game creature that doesn’t need months and massive rng to unlock and still be the worst of their class ( Mortem buff, anyone?) If they added more pure fierce uniques that don’t suck, Thor would likely start to be seen less and less. I like Thor, and I can see why people don’t like him as well, the meta kinda gets crushed by Thor. Plus, Thor is an easy unlock among Uniques, so people start boosting it earlier than Thor’s counters.

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