Enjoyed the game but hit the wall even with VIP

Just some feedback to the devs more than anything.
I hit the first paywall at lvl 4 like most people do, and was enjoying the game enough that I felt it was worth chucking some money at it to continue. So VIP plus a couple of gem purchases to push through the wall. Then it was all pretty smooth up to level 8/9, a relatively enjoyable casual month of playing a combination of explore mode, PvP battles, and events.
But the position I’m in now is literally no progress:

  • I’ve been stuck on the same explore mode battle for 3 weeks, I’m simply too weak for it in any party combination and even with lucky rolls.
  • I’m stuck at about the same Arena rating because as soon as I go up it’s too hard so then I drop down and it’s too easy.
  • I’m 20k xp away per character from any of them levelling up, at a rate of 50xp per event, and none of the loot I’m getting is anywhere near enough to give me a gear level up
  • I’m sat looking at legendary items that I can’t equip
  • The quests aren’t helping me progress at all, 400g and 15 quest xp towards a 375xp pack with a handful of rare cards isn’t doing anything and is taking properly hard grinding of exactly the same content multiple times a day without any sensibly priced paywall beyond going into spending hundreds

I agree this game like EA not even acceptable prices 99$ for 1 legendary equipment holy crap I spen too much but I am not enjoying the game cuz it’s missing too many things that I already montionted in suggestion forum hope the game take our feedback seriously and make some updates

I’ve spent total around $550 since launch and was also stuck at a level in explorer mode. So I just grinded for 2 weeks in events trying to bag up every card possible taking advantage of all the gem purchases. Not the 1500 or 3000 but the card packs for 80, 200, and 400. This are the best deals by far. So I spent my first $99 and just use the gems for those daily card packs and nothing else. After that I was able to fly through explorer mode as I was originally stuck on the dragon. I beat the dragon and got to the octopus and beat the whole thing. Felt accomplished but after you beat it, it goes away and can’t do anything but events and pvp. The nice thing is though I’m able to get 3 dice in every event now. The octopus round I sometimes have to restart the level if one of my hero’s dies from all the monsters attacking just one. Then I try and compensate for that and 50% of the time I’m able to beat it and go to the next room. If I can at least make it to the boss then I’ll beat it. The monsters in other rooms are harder than the octopus boss.

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