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Enjoying Stgydarex

I unlocked Darex the other day and decided to put it in my team to see how it held up. Now, for a Unique, its not great, but I can seen why Ludia made it the way they did and believe it or not, I have had a lot of wins with it. Boosted it’s health and attack twice and speed once and it has a lot more survivability. Great against tanks. When timed right with Tryko can easily kill him. Can work nicely against Utahsino and don’t get me started with the match ups against Grypo and Dio. This is why I have decided to keep it in my end game team. In not going to over boost it, as that is not what I do, but it is fun to use and maybe even slightly underated. But as you’d expect it is useless against Thor. Does anyone else use Stgydarex and are planning to keep it in your team?
Aside from this, I am still hoping for a large buff so I can see top tier teams using it.

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I’m using Stygidaryx on my B team for fun (average level around 22-24) it’s really fun to use as you said.

Swap in to PROTECC and cleanse swoop to —> Distracting/Wound/DSR/Stun/Render Counter is really useful and enjoyable.

I don’t know about boost up its speed, sure, It can go faster and swoop out before getting hit. but sometime I need it to be SLOWER than opponent to kick in effective strategy as I don’t want swap-in creature after Daryx getting hit.

I’m currently working on Pterovexus now. let’s see if both two can work together or not :smiley:

Actually my Darex usually survives long enough to lethal swoop and I prefer using that. Its on my a team and I am determined to have it in my final team no matter how many nerfs it gets


I’m very grateful to you for your love to Daryx. She deserves more love. :slight_smile:

She is my joint favourite with Puru