Enough already with the wrongful bans!

Seriously Ludia, the wrongful bans are getting ridiculous. If you are going to ban a player, you need to actually explain why. One of my teammates who is a legit player tried to login today only to find a three day ban for an unknown reason. The long wait times to hear back from support, the generic response and the lack of any sort of compassion have run off so many great players and now I’m in danger of losing one of my best. Get your act together Ludia before you lose everyone.


Ludia I am banned from entering the game. Quest and only game on the field

i cant understand

Hey Byongchang_Lee, could I ask you to tap on the “Contact us” button? Our team would be able to provide more information once they receive your message.

A brief overview of bans: Titan’s Edition

Chat bans
Similar to forums ban you will get a ban if you are flagged and said something highly offensive, racist or are threatening players.

Cheater bans
These are done based on player reports and analytics. The exact specifics I don’t know and let’s be real, would not share cause you cheater kids (not implying anyone in this thread is or is not a cheater) are smart and would figure out a workaround.

Cheater waves
These are done regularly and they cause a swing of people who write to the forums or email support saying they were not a cheater. I am only aware of 3 cases for Titans that have been proven to be false flags.

There are planned updates to the detection incoming. I do not have details and again, would not give specifics cause y’all crafty.


It’s ridiculous

Many, many weeks ago the community got tired of seeing all 0’s battle logs and started posting about those on the forum. Now if I’m correct (not saying i am, but starting to be quite sure i am) and this has to do with those logs. Then I’m pretty sure you aren’t banning the hackers/cheaters, but their victims instead. So not only have you not banned the ones responsible you have now also given them the power to ban other players on top of it. Well done.

I enjoy this game and don’t need hacks nor cheats to win battles in arena, exploration or deal massive damage to alphas. I have powerful enough dragons to do all 3 of those things. Yet here we are banned for the second time and still no answer as to what I’m supposedly doing “wrong”.


I can reassure you those aren’t used in the calculation.

Imagine you got a ticket from the police in your letter box. It does not tell you the reason for the ticket and only states that you have to pay a fine of a 1000 dollars (or euros or whatever other currency). What would you do? Would you go to the police office to ask for an explanation or just pay the fine? If it were me I’d go and ask for the explanation, but when you do so you are told you did something wrong while driving (but nothing specific as to what exactly). You get angry and demand an explanataion right? Then the supervisor comes along and tells you: so sorry, but we can’t actually tell you how we caught you, cuz you might find a way around it the next time. How do you feel in that situation?

He also tells you: Hey if you don’t agree with it why don’t you just go to some different part of the police office that can look into it, but to do so you’ll need to have some reasoining as to why you shouldn’t have got the ticket in the first place. But you don’t know why you got it, so how are you supposed to argue that you didn’t do anything wrong. The only option left for you is to pay the fine, whether you like it or not.

(oh yeah, months later if you ever get to know the reason at all: It turns out some maniac made a copy of your number plate and has been driving around town at incredibly high speeds comitting loads of crimes and you’ve been paying for it all this time while it could’ve easily been resolved if you were just told the exact reason you got the fine in the first place)


How does it happen that cheaters aren’t banned but fair players are banned?


Wow It’s raining bans :upside_down_face:
Support I ask you friendly to look at this battle log.
it’s concerning a member that I know is legit and has battled me in the past , however she did receive a 3 day ban today :((( wth


Many people in our clan got banned today, including me. I’m shocked and disappointed. I pay money to Ludia every month and I’m 100% sure I didn’t do something wrong to be punished for. Fun fact: 10 minutes before ban I’ve sent a report to support team about arena cheater. And got ban for myself, lol. Seriously, it looks like Ludia doesn’t want my money anymore.
Sorry if this message is offensive, I’m just tired…
Thanks it didn’t happen during special event. But there’s no guarantee it will not happen again.


With this latest round of unfair bans, our clan family is losing yet another member who is quitting the game in frustration and disgust — someone who has played the game from the beginning and is a founding member of the original clan.

Please do better, Ludia. You’re damaging your most dedicated and advanced player base.


I can’t say much about this but remember me and you had a discussion about it? I got banned again and I’m sure it’s for the same reason I was told. Again it’s not my fault… Been put back on a 3 day ban…


The game is a wreck.

It feels like the development team has left Titan Uprising to work on a different money grab game.

Arena cheaters still not removed.
Legitimate players still getting banned.
The Anniversary event was terrible.
Alpha battles are buggy, and not properly balanced.
Arena is boring.
Customer service bans players for requesting help.
Tons of bugs, some reported almost a year ago that still haven’t been fixed.

Great job Ludia!

I cancelled my subscription and all I can do is encourage others to do the same.

Here is a pic of a recent Arena battle. This same player beat me 4 times. Obviously impossible.


The game has a lot of problems, it’s not balanced, there’s nothing to do in the game, and honestly you admit it?
Thank you for ben for me. I can think about this game more seriously

I just rated in app store 1 stars. And cancelled my subscription. Hope others would do the same


I’m going to stop playing when I get a third van.


I could believe it’s a visual error if it wasn’t the exact same players every single time they hit you. And it’s always for a loss and it’s always all zeros on your end.


As everyone knows, I’m less than amused by the ban policies. I’ll refrain from talking further than saying it’s at least something they see that innocents were banned by their system. (I got a ban warning last time I posted due to it being 5 comments in 3 threads on this topic we’re not exactly allowed to post about.)

I will silently argee with the rest of you criticising the situation…

I agree… this particular member has given the same 0000 in the logs with many many members in the community for the past months and wins 100% of the battles.
That’s unreal!
I’m in my point of view this person is a cheater and I know many share this opinion with me.
While really good players are being accused of hacking cheating and spoofing * I don’t even know what it means tho :joy::joy: