Enough already with the wrongful bans!

It could be that someone’s account is bugged, has been proven before with a member speaking up in his/her defense. He/she uninstalled and reinstalled and then it was said the 0s to the opponents’ defenses were over.

Though that may not be true for every account. :thinking:

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Yeah noticed that … however I don’t really understand why

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Still that doesn’t explain why this person keeps attacking me and is now one rank below me … can you pretty please explain the 00000 in the battle log :pray:t2:

IF YOU ARE GOING TO BAN SOMEONE YOU NEED TO FREAKING EXPLAIN WHY! I am losing one of my best members today because of this wrongful ban against a legitimate player and it is FREAKING RIDICULOUS! When are you guys going to get your heads out of your rears and wake up to what you’re doing. You are killing this game for all of your biggest and longest standing players. Is that what you’re trying to do? Are you trying to run away all the top players in the hopes that new suckers will take their places? If so, you’re doing an awesome job! Way to go Ludia! :roll_eyes::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


semper necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit

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Translated From Latin:

The burden of proof always lies with the person who lays charges.

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You know, this is really incredibly disappointing.

In a game that is riddled with release issues and problems, with new ones constantly popping up, it’s actually amazing that people stay, especially over time considering the issues and problems. I’d say a lot of them only actually stay because of the community of people that are welcoming and try to help and encourage others to stay the course and keep on grinding.

And then you go and ban stalwarts of the community: people that do not cheat, put a lot of effort into advancing in this game, into making a great community that encourages people to stay, to learn, and to grow. And then you leave them with no recourse, no ability to appeal (we’ve seen the messages support has sent out to the wrongfully accused). That is perhaps the most shocking part of all of this. They can’t appeal, because they “are no longer entitled to support”. And it is just sad to see people who have invested so much time and effort into this community being ripped from it because of an arbitrary ban from whatever internal switch there is deciding all of this.

You’re going to lose a lot of subscribers, and when those people who have helped make the community what it is are gone for good, those of us that remain are a lot less inclined to try to fill those shoes. Instead, when people ask why this and that happened, the explanations will be clear: Ludia doesn’t really care.


Straight from a clan member…

They contacted a previous clan mate who was wrongfully banned in the last wave and who has literally not played since then. She went to login again out of curiosity only to find herself banned again! If someone can explain that one, I’ll pay a finder’s fee…


You need to be caught multiple time before they issues a ban in the hopes of reducing false flags. I have, however, gone ahead and escalated your guy’s concerns to the developers.

All I ask is that you all please remember the forums rules. We, the mods, get that you are disappointed, upset and maybe even angry but please don’t make us ban you over poor language choices.

You’re breaking rules of common sense banning legitimate players but not cheaters


Second unjustified ban issued to me as well. As a F2P player there’s only so much i can take and in my +12 months playing the game i tried to be supportive even after the numerous bugs but nothing is as infuriating and discouraging as being marked as a cheater without any proof knowing that i’ve done nothing wrong, that was the last straw for me.
Their anticheat system fails miserably to correctly detect the real cheaters and they’re still running rampant in the arena.
I leave disappointed for how unfair i’m being treated but also glad that i didn’t spend a single cent in this game.


I’ve been hanging on Ludia forums since JWA was new- and after years of attempting to play your games, dealing with customer support making me feel like I’m guilty party, all the damn bugs and silence from devs… it’s been made crystal clear that the actual players mean nothing to y’all.

The fact that the wrongfully banned players have no chance to contest their bans is very telling. You’ve essentially taken their money and blocked them. isn’t that called stealing?

I reported a few cheaters and I was asked if I knew what clan they were in. How the hell am I supposed to know that from the battle log?

Bugs, bans, broken promises. I’m so disappointed.


I thought the what clan they’re in question was odd too…I mean, what does that have to do with anything and how the heck would I know?

They probably wondering if it’s just sympathy for clanmates, I could see that as an excuse to not undo an unjustified ban

Do you even hear what you are saying?
Your reasoning makes no sense at all ^^ meanwhile I’m still being attacked in arena by a certain member with a very suspicious battle log.
And to be clear NONE of my clan mates were banned , I’m just upset to see this all happen knowing legit members get banned and meanwhile I get wiped in arena by cheaters

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Ridiculous …I’m actually scared of sending a report about the battelogs;
Scared to receive a ban like all the other players that made reports about the battlelogs.
Scared that if I try to contact support that they will ban me from support …
and To top it off they are removed from the leaderboard :see_no_evil:
Without any further explanations and contact.

Why do you ban normal users? It’s your system error and it’s a mistake. Why do users have to take responsibility?
very stupid…


You guys should know that there’s a system error about the arena; this is all your mistake and don’t catch innocent people.
You guys have to manage them properly to run the game. Stop the weird behavior.

I know that he’s stressed out because he didn’t even get a score in the arena.