Enough is Enough Ludia

I don’t post on here much but follow the forum and have played since Beta. Unfortunately this game has got to the point where I have to write this. I have never witnessed a company with such little respect for their player base. Nerfing dinos that players, both F2P as well as paying, have spent their time, money and resources on is just plan ignorant. I agree the battles needed a change. This should be done by buffing dinos, adding counters and other moves to offset and level the playing field. Not nerfing dinos that your user base invested 100’s of thousands of coins to make. You had no problem offering money back to cheaters a few months ago. You should be giving coins back to all the legitimate players you just hosed.

Second, if you haven’t noticed players are tired of seeing these $69.99 dollar deals and level up incubators. Putting an incubator in your shop for $69.99 and calling it a deal is an absolute embarrassment for your company, it is disgraceful. Nothing in this game should cost more than $10. Why would anyone pay $69.99 to get mostly junk DNA and any good DNA obtained could be subject to a future nerf. Ever wonder why pokemon Go has been so successful? They don’t hose their customers. They actually have great deals in their shop and a lot of the items can be bought for a few dollars. Good prices mean lots of sales.

Perfect timing to get the Fan Favorite game vote in our mailbox as it would be disingenuous of me to vote for this game, even though there are a lot of great features in it.

Your disappointed customer


100% against ALL nerfs!

Players have put in time and money into their teams as an investment…

Solution: be more thoughtful and field test movesets before releasing them in updates so that they don’t need nerfing in the first place


Just paid for a lvl up 16 one time offer incubator offer, 70 bucks there, not sure how many more I will buy, it’s reeaaaalllllly expensive (each offer is almost equivalent to a new ps4 game)


And yes, you would get a brand new Ps4 game that’s worth playing for at least 2 years.


I got the Heavy Hitters incubator last week hoping for some Irritator DNA since everyone I knew who got it, at least got some. I didnt get 1 single strand of Irritator. That was like $70 real cash worth of hard cash. It’s pathetic. If they show that dino, u should at least get some. Total RIP off!!!


@Hersh @TheMaxx @wrothgar @Ardens I may not expert nor excellent here but I have noticed and observed that some are pissed when certain dinos beaten them up, of course its a game. Either you win or lose. That’s it. They demanded right away for nerf nerf nerf or so. But hope Ludia would weigh things properly and accordingly because its sort of unfair to other people who invest lots of money here, for them to make their team stronger. Maybe those who cried often and complaining are those who don’t spent even single cent here. Just saying… :v::v::v:


Not to be infuriating… Nobody is forcing anyone to buy those level up offers. It could be they purposely made those pricey to discourage the pay-to-win that would happen if they were less.

So the rich can afford to ‘pay to win’ over the poor but the rich are rich because they know the value of money and what is worth paying for. I don’t buy level up offers and won’t. I can afford it. I don’t buy nothing in this game. I’m well off and this is why. My assumption is that the poor are buying these offers and this is why the poor are poor. They don’t comprehend the real value of things and have no self restraint. So the poor get poorer being preyed upon by companies like Ludia.

I was VIP but now FTP because this as of now this is a crappy product. 1990’s dial-up internet was more reliable and stable. I honestly think they should pay me to play this game for the frustration of it all. If they make things work properly and get the game more stable, I’ll pay for the VIP. But that’s all. This is just a game.


This whole thread made me laugh. Not unexpected, and not anything less from the people that used some of these dinos as a crutch.

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That’s why de-leveling should be a thing. Give back full DNA & half the coin or half DNA and full coin - by Players choice. That would also encourage players to try more creatures out and change their line-up more often


This is a good suggestion. Other games like Hearthstone give you ‘dust’ which can be used to craft the equivalent value card and let you keep original card too.

So yes, some kind of ‘reverse-fuse’ would be nice. In the case on Monomimus that would at least allow people to put the hard earned or paid for dna/coin into monostego. Eases the pain and de-risks the overlevelling expense.


I think what we are all failing to look at here is customer satisfaction. Yes Ludia has the right to nerf dinos. Ludia has the right to have prices way to high on incubators, and no one forces players to buy them. But this is a game and games are meant to be fun right? I for one can say it’s not about winning or losing that has become an issue, to me at least, with this game. It’s the fact that I can work hard at gettin a Dino to a certain level just to have it become a useless playing card. That’s just not fun. :woman_shrugging:t2: I’m with @hersh. Instead of nerfing, make sure the stats are good before release or buff other dinos instead.


Agree with @Hersh.
But it seems like the word “sorry” is enough for most players.

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Very true …
Apologies often fall on deaf ears :man_shrugging:t4:
I can see why they don’t bother

Here’s some…

Hey @Joe_Ng we will be able to trade DNA soon, what are u in search of?

I’m not sure they have the right to nerf dino’s. Sure it is there game, however, my account that I have an investment in is mine. I know it is just a game. But, it is the principal behind it.

If you bought a cell phone plan would you be ok with your service provided reducing your plan without telling and without giving you any money back?

I pretty sure there is a little saying of you get what you pay for. In Ludia world you get what you pay for then they take it away.

This seems like their marketing strategy to get people to spend more money on different dino’s. Easy solution. Everyone stop spending money, We have 3 high level accounts here, bought all level up and arena incubators and have VIP. Stopped buying incubators when they got to $69 as I wasn’t going to spend $210 for 3 accounts.


Reread my comment. I wasn’t defending Ludia. You’re phone analogy is correct. I agree with you on that. But from what I’ve seen, they do state in their terms of service that they can change dino stats as they wish. Unless I am mistaken. My comment was about the fact that just because they CAN do something doesn’t mean their customers will be happy about it. Which hurts them in the long run.

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Sorry. Didn’t mean to make it sound like you are defending Ludia. My point is just that they should not be reducing the value of things people invest in.

But they obviously don’t care what people write on here. If they did they would be reducing the items for sale to a fraction of what they currently are. Why sell hundreds of incubators for $69.99 when they could probably sell 10’s of thousands of them for 5 or 10 bucks. I guess only they understand their reasoning.

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Anyone going to mention how RIG items being bought are not allowed in the play store? :0
Not sure about iOS though.

The price for incubator is insanely pricey considering where i live (Malaysia). It cost almost RM150 here for epic incubator. Considering where i live that cost a fortune! No kid will be able to buy that not even for us adult. That’s like a 3 day spending. At least for me. The price just keep on going up 3800 4000 and now 4170! That just not economic for me to get one. Please ludia do put some consideration on this as your player is diverse and also come from a not so develop country. None the lest i do enjoy this game

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