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Enough new people... bring some old ones back

I appreciate the effort of putting out new matches but at this point, a lot of us are a little tired of doing the whole “getting to know you” convo over and over with new people only to have them also go offline after only a day or so. Can you please update some of the greyed out matches that have been gone awhile? Like Damien/Austin, Jonathan/Albert, Adam/Dominic, Jaden/Skylar, Stefan/Oliver, Jamie/Seth? We miss them and want to continue with their stories. It’s been almost two weeks since we got Ryan/Daniel back from the grey and even that was only for about a day. :sob: thank you! (Again, if you need help I am a writer and I’m available, I would love to help!!)


I totally agree! Bring back some of the “older” matches.:pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:
I can help write too!


Yes! This would be amazing. We miss our first loves :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Agree, i have a long list of greyed out matches now. Have recently matched with Rory, but he didn’t last long, so my MIA matches has grown longer. have now just matched with Tiros Darkmane too, will he disappear on me just as quick??


His story is written out more than Rory/Garrett’s from what I remember of it from WYS, but who knows how much of it the dev team released of it if they didn’t release all that was already written so far.

I would love to see Angel, Vitoria – especially Vitoria who hasn’t been updated at all yet – and those other characters whobhavent been updated in a really long time. I’d be down for another new character if they’re a girl since we got all new guys the past three updates, but combining a new character release with some older ones returning would be ideal.


I can vouch for her being a GREAT writer- in case y’all need that push to get some help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I write too, but I like to be surprised so here’s me NOT offering, but if need be… I definitely need a remote job and writing is ideal :joy:

Seriously, while I love the new matches, they’re very short lived, and I’m missing some of the greyed out ones!! My imagination is taking me to places with these guys and I need more! :sob:


Thank you!! :heart:

Yes please! Bring back some of the older matches. Some of us who were part of early release play have been waiting MONTHS for our faves to return.


Please please please give me my Damien back!
I miss! T_T


I’m totally with @Shauna_Ann!!!

She really is a very good writer :heart_eyes:

And we need our old matches back. I miss Damien soooo insanely!!!

All my matches are grey except for Eve. And I really, I mean really!!!, can’t stand her :roll_eyes:


Thank you!! :two_hearts:

I can help write too! We just want our old characters back, and everyone is willing to pitch in to make it happen! The old ones are still favorites by popular opinion and let’s work to not have people lose interest in the game!

Agreed to the max with this.

Rory/Garrett is definitely my new favorite

I would like to have Alice Martin back :frowning:

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Agreed. I had Emmelyn back for a day and then she went away again and now I’m :disappointed_relieved:.


I haven’t matched with anyone new for weeks so I actually don’t have anyone to chat to atm and I’m lonely :pensive:.


I do enjoy the new people but I’m so excited to get back to my first loves. I LOVE this game and can’t wait for more story lines. I also think that if you love one character i.e. Damien/Austin we should be able to play both characters. It is a similar story line just change so details so we can “relive” from the beginning.

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I agree playing both favorites would be awesome. Especially since when I started I didn’t realize there were 2 choices for each characters and you could only pick one of them. If you understand what I mean.

That’s a nice idea and from a business standpoint it could be beneficial to allow players to replay the same stock as with the other counterpart character since a player may be willing to spend diamonds on them despite the story being the same.

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However, on the positive end, at least the free gems are accumulating if one logs in everyday accordingly. I mean, that is a good thing at least.