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Enough of PVP

So I have now finally enough of PVP.
Didi today 20 PVP 3 won rest lost with no chance to win.
Good example was the last fight.
My Dino:
Yellow: 2220 Life, 694 dmg
Yellow: 1520 Life, 581 dmg
Red: 666 Life, 624 dmg

Green 2897 Life, 897 dmg (against yellow 1197 dmg)
Red: 2320 Life, 720 dmg
blue: 1520 Life, 650 dmg

All of the 17 looses were like this.
As soon as I believe it will stand the same in future I will quit PVP.
It is only frustrating not more.

BTW: for those 100 Bucks, what I’ve got:
30k coins.
I can get coins much cheaper than that :wink:

I am only sad for community when the next pvp challenge comes.
But I really have enough of this.

And please don’t write me I need more higher dinos and so on.
The system should give me for the example up never 2 dinos as opponent that haves that much more dmg and life …

Try setting up a match like this

You basically get a 99 percent winnable match each time

But yeah if your losing that many battles roman, you might want to take a look at battle strategies


If you’re talking about regular PVP that you can do any day, I recommend using two really low dinos, and one really strong dino in middle.

Triceratops level 1
Diplosuchus level 10
Triceratops level 1

Save on your first move if you have the first move. If you don’t, you have to decide if you can KO the first dino and survive the second dinos attack. If not, you may have to block and eventually switch to the other triceratops and save. I almost never lose with this method.

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Beat me by 1 minute 1😄

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I think the only time this method fails is due to type advantage and using a glass cannon type creature, I just lost a battle with my level 11 thlyocosmilus due to this

The bot had a level 20 megistocurus and a level 38 glyptodon :frowning:

Oh and when they go first aswell, I really do hate that I’m sure that’s why they stopped that in tournaments because the numbers just dont work out evenly 2nd player is always 1 reserve point behind

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Yes, same here. I’ve also lost when the AI has type advantage on me for first two dinos and his first one is a really big one, that and he goes first :roll_eyes:
Prefect storm.

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I think doing this way also messes up the matchmaking sometimes, I had all Savannahs 2 legendary less than level 10 and 1 level 30 SR in an elite match, I was like eh?

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Do what Aether says, also use one good dino to have better prizes. It gives like 90% chance of victory, you will only lose if he has great class advantage.

Pvp is a matter of perseverance, and daily discipline, only by this you will be rewarded with nice prizes, doing just one day won’t get you anything. If you do 10 fights a day over a month it will be 300 fights with nice rewards, even better if you use modded pvp

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Yes this.

I am now switching between the 2 from time to time though, I’m finding benefits of the modded wheel is massive amounts of sdna over time whereas PvP cenozioc is an absolute DB gold mine, it’s nice breaks up the fights and I generally use aquatics for modded so I never run out of creatures to use :facepunch:

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Nice tip on cenos, thanks!! I’ll try it

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I also tried ends up with 3 opponents with 2500+ life :wink:

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It shouldnt do… there is a problem with your game then

If you could post the matchups you are getting and what creatures you are using please? Screenshots

Hm its curious now it worked . I dont understand that. But what i get for it see for yourself

By the way should i go on with super rare there or legendary?

These i can make

as you only have 20k I recommend not buying anything … just hatch those who you already have…

depends on what prize you want… super rare or legendary?

You mean use the cards that i have to hatch?

Positive :+1:

Thats for the help will make me on it :+1:

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 8.05.20 PM

I’m not trying to be rude but you can’t keep claiming the game is giving you battles that are impossible to win especially in normal PvP, modded PvP does have it’s moments, although they are rare. :stuck_out_tongue:

This battle was very winnable in just about every way except worst case scenario from the start.

Worst case scenario is you defend 1, they do not attack so you don’t know if they reserve or defend. In that instance you should reserve 2 next turn. Worst case scenario from there is that they reserved 2 and have 4 moves, they will use all 4 to KO your first creature. You are left with 5 moves and since you didn’t map out your team very strategically and put 2 yellows back to back you will have to swap to your red and waste a move. That is how this battle is lost

If you are able to work to 4 reserve or even just 3 with the 1st dino you win pretty easily. even when having to swap to your red and waste a move.

Very rarely does the PvP give you completely un-winnable matches, even very difficult battles can be won if played just right, it’s up to you to spot both your strengths and weaknesses as well as the opponents from the 1st move and play accordingly

I see more problems with your strategy than the teams you face, keep at it, you will get it eventually.

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