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Enough of PVP

It wasnt possible you can write how you want. Reserve 1 he hits twice my best is dead. Defend one he hits twice an nd so on … I not stupid you know …

Don’t put your best first.


So it would take 2 hits for their green to KO your lead off yellow dino right?

Unfortunately we don’t know exactly what the AI would do every time but we can look at the one possibility which isn’t even best case and make some assumptions off of typical AI behavior

Scenario 1
You - def 1
AI - atk 1 or 2 (doesn’t matter which they do)
You - def 2
AI - 2 or 3 moves based on previous (doesn’t matter what they do you survive)
You - reserve 3
AI - ATK 3, or 4 most likely, either way it uses all of it’s moves, <— lets go with this (In my experience AI rarely reserves 2 to have 5 moves, even if, AI still could attack all 5, and sometimes 4).
You - 7 moves, swap to red, 6 moves remain, atk 3 for KO, reserve remaining 3 moves. This turn is where you lose ground, Since your lead off creature is a yellow, you should have the counter to the yellow’s counter in the 2nd position. This will save you wasting a turn on a swap, Your read would already be in position to take on the opponents Green
AI - Attack only 3 (because it can 1 Hit Kill you, (probably def remaining turn)
You - 7 moves, You could probably get their red with 3 attack hits (would need to do the math but it would be close) either way doesn’t matter much. Lets assume worst and say you need 4 hits, You do 5, 1 extra to cover the 1 defend. then you defend the remaining 2 moves.
AI - blue, class disadvantage, has 4 moves 325 attack, needs at least 3 hits to kill you maybe 4, would have to check math. You can KO them in 2 hits play to win from there

That is the basic save reserve strategy that most people use give or take. Use your 1st dino as a sacrifice meat shield to build reserve for your remaining 2 dino’s


I see that this game hasn’t “tortured” you enough yet.

This was how I felt and sometimes still feel about many of my tournament matches. My lineup is good for only Predator so inevitably I will run into huge mismatches, some of them truly unwinnable. But the more tournament mismatches I had, the better I got at handling them and recognizing which ones were winnable. That match you just showed, ignoring colors, is winnable. It requires good play and luck, but it’s possible. An unwinnable match would be you taking that team and running into like 3 3000 health 1000 attack dinos.

Let me give you a match I had during the Sphenacodon tournament.

My Dino:
Green 1035 Life, 265 dmg
Blue 784 Life, 271 dmg
Red 638 Life, 371 dmg

Red 1436 Life, 1347 dmg (against green 2021 dmg)
Red 1444 Life, 369 dmg
Green 2449 Life, 765 dmg

This was a bigger mismatch than you posted. I won this match.

Anyways, here’s a few tips to help you:

  1. set up your colors better. Yellow yellow red is not good because if opponent leads green you lose. Yellow red yellow much better, because the red can stop a green lead.

  2. Check what tier your 3 dinos are in. Suppose that your first yellow was tier 5 and your other two dinos were tier 4 or 3. Then you will face tough opponents. If you bring all tier 4 dinos, you will probably get more balanced matches.

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Not even worser than mine you were strong against his green and red in my case i had only one strong against green. Your opponent has only one strong against you my opponent had all 3 strong against mine …

See, that’s where you went wrong. Me having a better color matchup than you is a result of better setup, not just good luck. I put a blue behind my green because if they do lead red, I have a response with my blue. Besides, I’ve had matches where I brought yellow red yellow and ran into green blue green, complete counter. I was still able to win by saving up points with my lead, killing his lead with my red, defending against the blue, then switching my other yellow in. You should never set up 2 dinos of the same color next to each other because it leads to problems like the match you just had.

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Yeah you know what kind of colors ai gives you as opponents :rofl: thats good if ai would give you red yellow blue than it would be equal​:wink: i am out of here enough read…

No, you don’t know the class of the opponents in PVP and tournaments (most of the time), but you can set yourself up for success.

I use a cross-class strategy for Jurassic PVP. That means my first and third creatures are the same class and my second is strong against whatever is strong against my other two creatures. For example, yellow, red, yellow or green, blue, green. My first creature is always a meat shield.

For Cenozoic and Aquatic PVP, I use all three classes. Meat shield always goes first. Once again, creature 2 counters whatever is strong against creature 1.

For example: Snow, Savanah, Cavern or Reef, Surface, Cave

This kind of setup covers your weakness and puts your best creatures in a position to have class advantage after the AI takes out your meat shield without having to waste an action point on swapping, most if the time

I very rarely swap away from my leadoff, unless it survives an all out attack from the AI in approximately round 4.


To be fair your first match from a mathematical standpoint was nothing to crazy the opponents AFS was only 13.44% stronger than your team. Other folks have also mentioned the battle setup you have is not ideal so I won’t go into that.

Your team AFS = 3,494
Your Opponent AFS = 3,963

This is not out of bounds of a standard PvP matchup.


Wonderful arrogance here :rofl:

These players are trying to give you advice. It seems a little uncalled for to insult them for it.


Yep, that was completely within bounds of normal pvp. What I do for these matches is 2 fodder(level 1 commons usually) go first and second, third creature is a good creature(level 20 legendary for me) In setups like this the AI can usually one shot your first creature, so always reserve first. The AI will kill you with 2. The next creature you block 2 reserve 1. A couple different scenarios exist here, the AI will go for full attack, full block, full reserve, or a mixture. At this point you always have to go for full 4 reserve. The AI will do different things based on the number of points they have. If they have 5, they will go all attack, if they have 4 they will go 3 attack 1 block, if they have 3 they will go all attack. Your final creature will kill your opponents creature with a couple hits(remember to factor in 1 for a block), then sweep the other 2 with intuition. This strat usually works unless you meet opponents with the type advantage and more ferocity than your strongest creature. With this I have a 95% win rate in pvp all around