ENOUGH with all the healing ESPCIALLY with those pidgeons and the deer. Even OG Rat's healing wasn't this ludicrous

Flocks in general, Argent, the Deer, Parasaur and now what is likely a deer/turtle/ceratopsian/bear abomination.
The fact that all their playstyles involve spamming the heal button on top of other stupidly unecessary tools to survive (whether be it absorb or armor or on escape or another secondary heal) has made battling even in strike towers a completely boring chore. I know every meta has atleast that 1 dino that has that broken spammable mechanic but atleast Yoshi and Indog2 never healed back to full hp no matter how much you hate them. Even OG Draco’s heal was bad design compared to this things since the instant 1 time heal after a swap was not going to save you from a big hit with the lack of other damage reducers. Heck you can even swap and bet that the dodge rng will fail and get a free hit/kill. You can actually kill those other former broken meta threats and atleast get a kill for your DBI/alliance much easier. These things sweep you 0-3 with full hp it’s more insulting than Indo sweeping you and surviving with 1 hp. And the fact that on escape adds to the problem that you can’t swap out with very severe consequenses especially on those damned mirror matches is worst than Grypo/Rixis since those 2 respectively don’t sweep entire teams and finish the match getting damaged. Not to mention barely viable counters that can’t swap out without triggering another heal most of the time while they get trapped and get ratted on low hp while these things come back and immediately heal on first turn. I’m not expecting too much from this game/company I’m just saying this is a stupidly terrible way to get people to waste their time playing too much than they need to and get that 4 star rating on the stores by dragging on every. Single. Match. FOREVER.


I can understand the frustration. For myself it’s flocks being able to heal, which feels both irritating and unnecessary since the flock mechanic itself keeps them alive and there are not that many creatures with a group attack.


It’s basically 3 takedowns x 2 with all flocks. Where they can and you can’t swap. Not even a 10K dentist can keep that up for against 3 flocks (18 hits)in a battle.


Exactly the rate flocks (and testa) heal on top of the numerous other ways they mitigate damage makes battling them seem like youre stuck in a loop. You see all your progress to take them out quickly erased in a few moves which is nothing weve seen before in meta/objectively broken dinos

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This is probably the 1 time id probablly side with swapping opposed to anti swap measures. The fact that theyre ability to tank everything then hold you hostage to try another strategy with unecessarily op on escape moves literally runs you out of options than to die

deer has been nerfed 2 times in a row,

And it still 3-0s teams alot of times it shouldnt with things like rng on card draws. If the only 2 counters it has (grypo and indot, mortem and other fierce don’t really count because Scorpios and Compc are waiting to swap) aren’t even 100% guaranteed, it is still broken. It’s tied with Argent for the most infamous dino atm. A majority of people using it are forced to because if you can’t beat em join em

you forgot tento monorhino constrictor phorurex there are plenty that eat my dear hell drop a scorpie on it get a stun and boom RNG plays a lot into this and now with another nerf even more so.

Mrhino only works w boosts and whats stopping testa from swapping out
Tento dies head on no one will bring out testa to a tenonto w rampage ready and deer is faster most of the time anyway
Spino is mind games scorp is rng and pho is setup and deer users arent always dumb to feed their deers theyll always save it to heal again when their other dinos kill their counter
None of those are guaranteed counters

If youre trolling me about an opinion that a majority of people agree with pls stop wasting my time

Man. I understand that frustration, I have faced it multiple times, when a compy just healed all the damage that I did to it, and when a level 14 argenteryx just swept through my level 17-20 team. So, I have pledged to myself to never use compsognathus, compsocaulus and argenteryx in any form of battle. I refrain from using any flock in general.

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You’re not playing the way you should. Did you buy boosts because of it? If so, win!! :money_mouth_face: :moneybag: :money_with_wings:


Don’t forget to subscribe to vip aswell everytime the offer pops up every 5 minutes
And also premium incs and bundles too

I hate compsocaulus. Its so pesky when you attack, then heal. Attack then heal.So irritating and it will take so long to fight.

Hey become VIP and pay us money to get the premium chance to ….spend even more :joy::woman_shrugging:t3::see_no_evil:

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I personally like the Absorb mechanic, I find it a creative and interesting counter to chompers and big hitters.
But in no Universe should that be combined with dodging and distracting all the time, healing every 2 rounds with even more dodging + speed (while already being fast), and absolute worst of all, heal yet AGAIN if you swap out + some more dodging, trapping your creature in a losing battle.
I am talking about Argenteryx of course, which is an Epic rarity to top all the BS pulling some Tyrant level efficiency. There are some balanced flocks which are a good addition to interesting battles, but Argenteryx is just a huge NO. And Argen vs Argen battles just drain my life energy.

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