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Enough with Diplocaulus

Out of all the dinosaurs in the game, I am constantly spammed with Diplocaulus. No one uses it in arena and it is useless. No matter what scent I use, about 60% of it is Diplocaulus. I have over 11k DNA that have been from nothing but the scents. Please have more variety of dinosaurs.


Same here unfortunately. Diplocaulus is everywhere. I used large scent once just saw 6-7 diplocaulus and 1 iguanodon.

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The only use I have for it is the daily challenges. It’s very easy to get direct hits on it.


Wish they would rotate zones. I need at least 8 dino’s from dippys zone. Bet you’ll all complain if you lose dippys zone. When Dracorex types get nerfed more zone 2 has two useful epics we see more at events.


While I do agree it sucks seeing it all the time. It’s easy to dart and great for Alliance missions

But Diplotator is the best ugly hybrid! No, seriously. I love her design specifically because it’s ugly. lol I mentioned this in a different thread, but Diplotator is a great example of an ugly design actually being good! In my opinion, ugly doesn’t necessarily mean bad, and I love Diplotator for this!! :yum:


I feel the same way about majungasaurus. It is a useless dino that only hybrids to a equally useless “rare”. Used a common scent and got three of the useless things. I only darted them for the daily mission and the alliance missions, otherwise they would have been ignored.



Please tell me you edited that yourself!! :rofl:

Lol I did

On the site mentioned in the bottom corner

That made me laugh way to much lol