Enough with park exclusives

Another Carbo unique?! Come on!!! I’ve got no easy access to park areas. The only local small one produces about one Carbo per month. I ping sanctuaries daily just to struggle to get Smiley and now there is another? Please stop using ultra rare creatures as keystone for two or three important dinos.

Some may argue that they have plenty of access to parks. This illustrates why it is such a bad idea and only contributes to an imbalance in the game. Two players who contribute the same amount of time should have access to equitable resources.

Very frustrated.

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I don’t get easy access to the best Uniques. While I understand your argument on one level, on the other, certain players will have a natural advantage compared to others. You can minimize this risk by making parks more widespread, but it also isn’t FUN to completely negate it, as then there’s no randomness to make it fun and detached from monotony.

I’m not saying make it easy. Definitely not.

What I want is equanimity. There are enough valid endgame choices to let everyone have their unique teams. Just don’t make resources more available to some players over others.

Finally, don’t create a bottleneck by making two uniques dependent on the same keystone dinosaur - particularly a difficult (for some) to obtain exclusive one.

The turtle isn’t even the hard part of that unique…
It requires nasutoceratops, and you can’t dart that thing anywhere.


The one you should be angry is actually Mammoth. Its hybrid makes literally the most OP unique. The TerribliCorni hybrid needs Naruto on top of Carbo.

The easiest ironically is PumbaRhino.

The turtle is just as available to me as the Nasuto, never see it in any of the parks and I do 600km per week lol

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I live in a park and I’m always scenting there and I never see any turtles. Having a park isn’t everything.

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So it’s even more unreliable than I thought. Bummer.