Enough with that rat reincarnation!

Remember the feeling when you are going to win, but instead you see the ugly, tri-horned face of a creature that does 2x swap in shattering damage? Of course you do. Good that it’s been removed in 1.11.

It’s back tho

I don’t know about you, but when I see that woolly, horned face in tournament, I feel exactly like seeing rat 1.5 year ago. 1500 piercing swap in damage. Not as bad as rat? Maybe, but don’t forget it also stuns. And Rhino is bulkier than rat. Feels like a normal resilient creature that was given a swap in for some reason. Also has crazily high damage for both a swapper and a resilient. 1500. With Resilient Impact it’s enough to nearly oneshot most cunnings. But’s let assume it’s intended and he’s supposed to be a bulky resilient with high damage. Then explain who gave him 50% DoT immunity?! Isn’t at least fierce supposed to be good against that woolly monster?

Do something about it. It’s been two updates since 2.0 and nothing has been done about Rhino. Maybe he’s not the most broken creature right now but definitely the most annoying one. Feels like rat reincarnation, really.


Wooly rhino
I see no “rat”
but i guess…
Woolly Rhino CoelodonTA


Coelodonta antiquitatis

They were so close!

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Tat: The new Rat! Get yours today!
Call us at RAT-TAT-9999!



This is why he’s called Wooly Rat


Hey at least it’s not a swap in shattering rampage!

And this is why I call it: “Getting Woollied.”

Swap-ins. It is the single, most despicable thing in the game.

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I don’t mind swap in effects … stun, nullify, shield, slow, distract or even bleed… I mind swap in damage. That’s more than swap in DOT does.


Finally, someone who understands me!

Oh, it always seemed like a rickroll to me lol

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damn I remember getting one shotted by a dracoceRatops in 1.10. Glad its gone

I’m already sick of not being able to use cunnings because of resilient moves, and now I have to put up with this thing taking out half of a resilient critters’ HP because… Resilient creatures should have fierce attack power now, I guess.

Seriously, all but ONE match I’ve had in this tournament got their rhino selected. My Erlidominus got one single move in every time because this dang woolly rat pops in and KOs her before she can do anything other than rampage or distraction.

The whole point of cunnings being fastest is so that they stand a chance, but here come swap in moves to undermine that key point of survival.