Enough with the aquatics

Yeah, everybody loves the idea of having aquatic creatures. Yes, having a build similar to JW:TG would be cool, but IT DOESN’T WORK FOR JWA! Having creatures show where there’s water; two words: programming nightmare. Generating a whole different arena for just aquatic creatures; would overload the game and make it more buggy than it already can be, you might as well make a separate game just for aquatics. Just letting aquatics spawn like normal creatures; vaporizes the immersion of the game. So, please, for the love of all things, STOP SUGGESTING AQUATIC UPDATES!! I see topic after topic and every time, people start bickering in the replies. Just no more aquatic suggestions. It’s kinda creating toxicity on this board. Thank you~


Yeah I kinda agree

people love their mosasaurs. tho i’m more a fan of plesiosaurs myself


This is the response I got from the dev team in June to a thread I made about an alternative method of incorporating aquatics into the game. I do agree with your point that adding them either as normal creatures or in their own arena are both problematic (which is why I suggested something entirely different), and it seems the devs realized this too, which is probably why they haven’t added them into the game as of yet.

That said, people should be free to discuss whatever they want on the forum (as long as it doesn’t get toxic): you don’t need to engage in threads that don’t interest you. But people should know not to anticipate aquatics being added to the game any time soon.


There is one method that could work, but the amount of programming and code that would go into it wouldn’t be good. Aquatics could spawn in puddles that would appear around the map, maybe in events or something, but I do agree with the fact that the game doesn’t really need them and it probably wouldn’t work that well.

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Maybe I will write something more specific up tomorrow

I would prefer a smooth game then making the game more slow adding aquatic. Ain’t that a fan of that.

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That may work for spawning, but the other half of that is how to incorporating them into arena. They ideally shouldn’t break immersion (and would add tons of creatures all at once), but making a whole other arena would split the already fairly small playerbase.

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There are event and battle only creatures so maybe they could be one of those. They could be like icthyostega which was a semi-aquatic amphibian. Those would also be able to be used in normal arenas without looking bad.

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I also agree on a make another game for this.