Enough with the scent strikes already

Sitting here every 2 minutes waiting for a diplocaulus (OR TWO) to spawn is a colossal waste of time. No more please.

Why complain about free scents? Just skip those strike events and stop using scents. Problem solved.


And dont sit, ull get more spawns. 19 on a rare and epic scent to be exact


Like @TheMaxx said…just skip the scent strike. Problem solved…:confused::roll_eyes:


I’ve gotten epics from common strikes 3 or 4 times. It’s a pain to sit through the commons but it happens.

Even if you get an epic, what good is 200 more koolasuchus dna?
This a bad avenue to player satisfaction, but demands attention. It’s a quick way to give people time to think about what they could be spending their time on.
Imagine if scents were like multi ball in pinball. Like exciting, rewarding and not 20 minutes

That seems wrong, it’s every two minutes on the dot for me. I was out walking during that screen shot and you see it spawned right on the 8min mark

Its one spawn as soon as u pop it, and two every 2 minutes after at 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 minutes. U do the math. And remember thats with constant moving. Dont sit still or u will sometimes only get 1 spawn. Stay moving ull get 19 spawns

I get scents all the time but just don’t do them all. I don’t have the time or enough darts to keep up. I’m not complaining about too many scents.

LOL,DNA from my sofa, I’ll take it.




yes you get double spawns but can only get one of them. thanks for the tip though i tried this with a scent this morning.

When it spawns you stop dart 1 and then get the second and then either start moving again when you are darting the second or after you finih darting the second. Through minimal testing the amount you actually need to move to get 2 is incredibly small, like just the radius of the inner circle away.

You can grab both if you stop where they spawned. Once you leave that exact spot where they spawned, you lose them. You can even get both on the last spawn of a 5min scent if you’re quick enough.

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Grab the first and dart it. Then grab the second and start walking. Somple

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oh ok. i was in a neighborhood driving around so i couldnt really stop as soon as they spawn but i stayed pretty much where they spawned and the second one would disappear

thanks for clearing that up Kwaack…


I yield! Diplocauli for all!

If they are still in that interaction circle they will respawn after your first one. Also if you go back before the next set of spawns they will respawn as well. So if you have one in and one out you can grab the out and not have to move to get both.

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Circle the block? Or just walk?